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A FREE POS (Point of Sale) System That Actually Works!

Updated on August 27, 2015
Sleek Profile and Amazing Features.  Isn't it time your business upgraded to a Point Of Sale System?  FOR FREE! Accept EMV and NFC today!
Sleek Profile and Amazing Features. Isn't it time your business upgraded to a Point Of Sale System? FOR FREE! Accept EMV and NFC today!

A POS or point of sale system can be an incredible asset to any business. Have you ever found yourself at your desk blankly staring at the ticker tape parade coming out of calculator, a huge pile of receipts from the month, the daily sales reports, the bills, and order forms. It can feel like tax season just about every month! Then you ask yourself “There just has to be a better way doesn't there?!”

Maybe you just got the news that your old credit card terminal is no longer supported by your credit card processor, that you are facing the EMV liability shift, and you are going to have to spend hundreds to buy a new one. Well we have great news for frustrated business owners but first let's look at the benefits of a good POS system.

Take your business into the future with a POS
Take your business into the future with a POS

Benefits of a Point of Sale System (POS)

There is a better way! Have you ever considered what a Point of Sale system could do for your business? From time saving inventory reports to detailed sales reports and quick transactions with a professional appearance, a good POS or point of sale system can not only make your day more efficient but can increase your sales productivity as well.

One of the many places that good POS can excel is in its ability to control your inventory and cash. As many of you may know some of the areas of prime concern for small business owners is employee theft, unauthorized discounts, and more commonly - mistakes. A point of sale system can help prevent these concerns by providing employees an easy to navigate checkout while simultaneously producing detailed reporting. Consider this, whether you have a restaurant or retail location, your employees probably do not care about the inventory or product as much as you do so providing them with a relatively foolproof way to ring things up is nearly essential. Food or merchandise rang up improperly results in lost profit through either waste or product being sold for the wrong amount.

Point of Sale systems are also incredibly important to saving the most valuable thing you own, time. By providing simple in-depth reports a good point of sale will help relieve you from tedious inventories, book balancing, and can simplify your ordering. Concise monthly and annual reports will be appreciated by your partners and your CPA while leaving you more free time to do the things that you love the most like running your business or getting away from it!

Built in tools make marking items down for sales or promotions a breeze! Additionally, with hot sheet reporting to let you know which items are selling and which are not will help you promote those items that need to be "blown out" helping you to keep your inventory productive.

Many business owners will not admit it but the business that they run while they are present can be completely different when they are not. Utilizing a POS will provide you a level of control that is simply not there with out it which will help you to keep your margins and employees in order.

A POS gives your business the aesthetic appearance of being professional and up with the times. This is an all to overlooked benefit. Believe it or not many customers will judge your business (regardless of the quality or your product) by whether or not the purchasing process is modern and efficient.

A good Point of Sale will bring your business into the future and streamline everything from inventory control to the checkout process all while increasing your margins by reducing theft and mistakes. The problem is that most POS systems are not cheap and come with little to no support. Well there is good news! Today’s digital world has provided an answer that will not only save you time but increase sales at the same time! So ask yourself this.

How a free EMV and NFC capable POS (point of sale) system can make you as happy as a California cow!
How a free EMV and NFC capable POS (point of sale) system can make you as happy as a California cow!

What if there was a POS or Point of Sale System that was easy to integrate into your business that you could afford?

You would probably throw that old cash register out the window tomorrow right? What if that same Point of Sale system enabled you to accept EMV payments, ApplePay, Google wallet, Samnsung Pay, and any other EMV or NFC based payment? Well get your throwing arm warmed up because we found a solution that will catapult your business into the 21st century overnight.

The Merchant Doctor has a complete system based on their incredibly popular mobile payments platform, PayAnywhere. Their mobile platform is making its way off the street and into brick and mortar retail locations everywhere. They created a program that will provide you with a plug and play ready POS system (software, tablet, and card reader) for free. Meaning that if you purchase (or rent) 2 simple and affordable items: a compatible receipt printer and/or cash drawer the Merchant Doctor will send you an Android tablet pre loaded with the POS software, 2 card readers, a swivel stand, and a frame to hold it all when your account is approved!

In no time your business will be running more efficiently than ever. While most businesses find the cost of POS systems at $7000 or more too prohibitive. With this system all you have to buy is the cash drawer and receipt printer which will cost you less than $400 or between $14.95-$19.95/month to rent. The robust app is pre loaded on the tablet to create a fully functional POS system for your business that will mean less paperwork and more efficient days for you all in a very clean and stylish footprint. All you have to do is contact the Merchant Doctor for more information visit the simple and safe 3 minute application. Once that is filled out your account will be approved within 48 hours and the POS system will be shipped out to you right away.

POS (point of sale) features that your business strategy will appreciate.
POS (point of sale) features that your business strategy will appreciate.

A Few Great POS or Point of Sale Features that PayAnywhere Storefront Offers:

You may be asking yourself the same thing I did when I saw this the first time: Well if it is a POS system for free it must be a POS right?!!! Well it turns out that is not true at all and as a matter of fact the system contiguously is being upgraded for free. So just a few of the features that I love and I am sure you will too are:

When you accept credit cards your transactions are incredibly secure. The credit card reader and app are fully Level 1 PCI certified and fully end to end encrypted keeping your customers and your business protected when you accept credit cards..

The ability to build your inventory by color coded category quickly and add photos from your device or take them yourself. The inventory is designed be incredibly easy to navigate by your employees and allow for multitude of functions including organizing your items by price or alphabetically.

Incredible real time reports that can be customized by date, top selling items, or even individual transactions. These reports can be pulled from any device that has an internet connection. The reports and POS will reduce costly mistakes and theft opportunities, add flexibility, and give you more control over your business even when you are not there. This will mean that weekly, monthly, and annual reporting will be at the touch of your finger instead of spending hours pouring over receipts.

Beautiful e-mail receipts. If you use the email receipt function your clients will receive a fully customized receipt with a google map of their purchase, your logo, and photo of the items purchased. If applicable you can even give a full product description or history for every item that will be included in the customer's emailed receipt.

Email Capture - You will be able to save the email addresses of your customers and use them for marketing or special events.

Upon checkout you can add special discounts by percentage or dollar amount and if applicable customers can add a the tip amount of their choosing.

You can assign an unlimited amount of users to the system each with their own custom login credentials so you can track them individually. Meaning that if you have delivery drivers or other employees in the field they can securely accept payments on their smart phones and you will be able to track them all individually in real time.

The app can be downloaded and used on any number of devices to you can take your business to the streets and accept credit cards anywhere!

They even created an online "backoffice" that you can log into from any internet connected device to see live reports, manage inventory, and manage your account details.

Don't get burned.  Hire a credit card processor that will work for your business and get a Free POS system.
Don't get burned. Hire a credit card processor that will work for your business and get a Free POS system.

What about the Merchant Account?

Well we all know that nothing is truly "FREE" so in exchange for the great POS app of the PayAnywhere Storefront POS (point of sale) system you will need to use their award winning credit card processing services. With your system you will receive a unique merchant account to accept credit cards when you sign up. This is important because many other providers will clump your account in with 100s or thousands other merchants under one account (called an aggregate account) which can leave your business and your customers vulnerable to theft, identity theft, or choked cash flow. You will also enjoy the friendly customer service from the Merchant Doctor team OR 24/7 Live customer service based right here in United States that you may reach by either phone or email.

The benefits of using a POS system are clear. Unfortunately for many small businesses the expense of purchasing one all too often makes that technology just out of reach. The PayAnywhere Storefront by the Merchant Doctor is great way to enjoy all the benefits of an efficient system with out the large up front investment. With an app based POS you don’t have to “keep up with the Jones’s” as new features are added the app will be updated automatically.

Many businesses begrudgingly feel like they have to accept credit cards so isn’t it time that your merchant account started to work for your business instead of the other way around? Their app does just that, as credit card processing regulations continue to change the PayAnywhere Storefront will give your business the flexibility to adapt without having to purchase new equipment. Simple and regular automatic updates will keep your POS running smoothly and efficiently for years to come with all kinds of great features soon to come like bar code scanning, time cards, and even EMV compatibility.

Great Credit Card Processing rates with a FREE POS
Great Credit Card Processing rates with a FREE POS

So How Much Does it Cost?

Of course when the word free is added to anything you might assume that they will "stick it to you" in other ways, right? Well not this time - the best news is the price! So, what are the credit card processing rates you will have to pay? The great news is that the Merchant Doctor has kept their system pricing as transparent and simple as possible! Your business will be able to accept credit cards starting at just 1.69% with NO transaction fee - including AMEX!!!

If you want to rent the printer alone you can do so simply for $14.95/month and if you would like both the printer and cash drawer it is just $19.95/month. You can also purchase those items directly from them - the StarTSP100LAN printer is $260 or the Printer and Cash Drawer combo is $369.

As credit card processing regulations continue to change the PayAnywhere Storefront will give your business the flexibility to adapt without having to purchase new equipment.

The Merchant Doctor’s friendly team is just click away at their contact us page. If you would like more information on a POS for your business we have many options - simply contact us or if you would like to get started right away visit our mobile solutions site HERE.

Your Free POS just got better with version 2.2
Your Free POS just got better with version 2.2

NEWS ALERT: Upgrades!!!!

Great news StoreFront has been updated to be better than ever! Here's what's new in PayAnywhere Storefront version 2.2:

* Checkout: Simply swipe the card or enter card information manually. New "Quick Cash" buttons expedite cash payments by rounding up totals to whole dollar amounts. Select "View Cart" to see items, subtotal, discount, and tax.

* Signature: Updated design focuses on capturing customer signature. If tip is turned on, customers can choose from preset amounts or enter a custom tip. Select "View Cart" to review items purchased.

* Receipt: Capture customer information and select whether or not to email or print a receipt. Select "No Receipt" to finish the transaction. Hit "Add Receipt Notes" to include a note about the transaction (optional).

* Ability to print receipts via Bluetooth using a STAR TSP650 thermal receipt printer

*Comes with a credit card reader that enables your business to meet the new EMV standard and save money!!! Now you can accept ApplePay, SamsungPay, Google Wallet, and any other NFC based payment AND accept EMV credit cards. Being EMV capable is mandatory by October 2015 or face the liability shift now you can do it for FREE!

* Miscellaneous Bug fixes.


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