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Updated on July 6, 2017

Power, in modern terminology, could be acquainted with the air we breathe. The world today survives on an efficiently laid system of power. It's the power of power that fulfills the slightest of the human requirements. We don't really care about it and give it a thought until it's gone & you're sweating like hell or stuck while performing any task.

Thus, it's evident that electricity is being used up in almost every field, which ranges from domestic household work like heating, cooling, cooking, refrigerating, lighting, sound, entertainment, computers, and mobile devices to carrying out productions and manufacturing in industries, mining activities and for defense purposes. Therefore, without power, an existence of life is impossible.

However, there's a vast network which ensures that power reaches to you in the most efficient way. This is facilitated with the employment of the power distribution grid. It’s a technology, which has acquired structure in the recent past, and is quite consumer friendly, for it ensures transparency in the process of obtaining of power to its transmission, from power distribution companies (DISCOM) to the end consumers.

Power grid networks are laid down in almost every corner of the earth, where man has set its foot. The United States of America demonstrates high- voltage power management systems laid over 450,000 miles and overhead transmission lines, spread over an expanse of 160,000 miles. They potentially connect the electrical power plants to homes and business/ commercial complexes, and to all areas till where electrification can be achieved.

Due to technical glitches, found in the act of storing electricity, it is always better to produce it according to the requirement. Power distribution grid, play a vital role in intimating the companies about the growing or decreasing demand for power and also to divert power lines to areas, which consume the maximum electricity.

However, it may be not wrong to cite that the grid technology has evolved rapidly, opening the gateway to tap and discover new and alternative sources of power and bringing the world to realize, how their utilization could yield a positive impact on the environment and cut down costs significantly. The move has helped in connecting solar panels or wind generator, to homes, rather than the traditional power plant generated electricity. There's a speculation that, inventors are in the process of developing a smart grid, which further makes use of digital technology, to manage energy resources efficiently.

Therefore, it can be rightly stated that power grid is an essential tool for the world in today's time and possesses enough potentiality to surge high in the near future


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