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Pay Per Click Advertising -v- Pay Per View Advertising - Whose The Winner?

Updated on May 1, 2011

The Better Way To Get Targeted Web Traffic

Have you heard about the latest buzz on how to make money online that’s going around the Internet? It’s the most recent method of earning money, well it’s not that recent really, as I have known about it for some time; but from a marketing or advertising perspective this form of advertising has evolved and become a very cost effective method to increase web traffic, which in turn means that if you use this method you will gain more customers and therefore make more sales.

Pay Per View Marketing

I’m talking about PPV marketing (Pay Per View marketing). Considered as a developed version of the PPC (pay per click) marketing strategy PPV is the most targeted and cheap advertising method for online marketing campaigns. It is definitely cheaper than Google Adwords or any other PPC marketing.

Not only is it cheaper than PPC marketing, it has become the preferred form of advertising by many online marketers when compared to the old traditional marketing methods, such as Google Adwords, SEO, writing articles, blogging, classified ads, etc.

With PPV (pay per view) marketing, marketers have to pay every time their website is viewed by a visitor. Unlike PPC there is no click involved in PPV marketing, but it does require a landing page that will appear as a Pop up or Pop under when triggered by a browser viewing an ad; either another page will pop up or when the browser clicks to move away from the web page a page will pop under.

A Pop Under is a type of advertisement that is automatically displayed in a second smaller browser window upon loading or unloading a normal web page. A Pop up advertisement is more obtrusive as it covers the other window, particular the window that the user is trying to read, but all in all Pop ups are used extensively in advertising, and if they are targeted and applicable to what the browser is looking for they can be very cost effective. That is why they tend to cost advertisers more since their visibility is higher.

Pop Up or Pop Under Advertising

What is better Pop Up or Pop Under? Many of the major online advertising networks now offer both pop ups and pop unders. These alternatives pay more than traditional 468×60 banner ads – usually between US$2 – $4 CPM, but I suggest you weigh-up your decision in using pop up ads carefully. It is well known that Pop ups are not the best way to make friends on the Internet as the majority of browsers get irritated when a pop up occurs.

Having said that, some banner networks now have the delivery of popup ads down to a fine art. They load quickly and your visitor is only presented with a popup ad once per visit – some networks allow you to specify that the particular visitor only sees the pop unders once every few days. I have found that once the pop up or pop under is relevant to the subject that the browser is viewing it is more acceptable, because without that pop up or pop under the browser may not have viewed that offer. But you must make the pop up and pop under relevant. There is no point having a pop up based on technology appearing in a health and fitness category.

When you create a Pop Up or Pop Under you must ensure that you choose a full landing page. It is more effective and will impress probable clients/customers to visit your site.

Interstitial Ads to Reach a Wider Audience

In order to reach a wider audience, you must work into interstitial ads (Interstitial means "in between" and are a way of placing full page messages between the current and destination page) as these can force a lot of visitors to be more exposed to the offer before they continue on their way to another site. Interstitial Ads are similar to commercials on the television, and can generate a lot of visitors to your blog /hub because of the nature of the ads which can be converted more effectively than a banner, pop up ads and text.

One point to note is that PPV traffic is genuine not incentivized - no one is paid to click on your PPV pop up. Legitimate PPV networks also offer built in protections to prevent the same person from receiving your pop up over and over.

Keyword Targeting

In order to see your website advertised on search engines you will have to select targeted keywords that browsers enter when they are browsing. With PPV the cost of keywords is far less than what you would pay for pay per clicky. You can pay as little as one cent per view.

You will also get many more targeted PPV views for the same cost as what you pay for a pay per click campaign.

Apart from targeting keywords advertising through PPV offers other flexible alternatives. Instead of selecting a keyword you can choose to target URLs. For example you could chose URL's which compete with your products or services or URL's which offer products or services that compliment your site's offerings. This is an excellent way to target internet shoppers. What happens is that when an internet shopper is searching for your competition they will not only see the competition's website but a pop up ad for your site. This is a great catch because these are motivated viewers who are already searching for a product or service you offer.

Whilst it is beneficial to have targeted keywords that viewers are searching for, the most essential component of PPV advertising is to have a pop up that grabs the viewer's attention in the first twenty seconds.

One of the big advantages of the PPV traffic is that your web site will appear whenever the internet searcher enters your targeted keyword or URL.


‘Info Search On’ CPV/PPV Contextual Advertising Network

‘Info Search On’ CPV is one of the newer types of contextual advertising networks, which is a good starting point for internet marketing newbies. You can start an online business with advertising that does not require too much of a monetary investment, as it costs a lot less than PPC advertising. You can even pump up your PPV campaign starting with a low price of just $0.01 for URL, keyword and category campaigns. That means you will only pay $0.004 for the run of network advertising!

PPV/CPV is also a more creative as well as cheaper method to increase web traffic to your site. It will help you save on time and will also make you a ton of money.

In order to start increasing web traffic to your site, making money and putting PPV into practice, the 'underground' method 'Rapid-mass-traffic.madeeazee' comes highly recommended . RMT offers a free report that reveals how to use PPV effectively so that you are making money daily.   It is a method in rapidly generating huge amounts of traffic without SEO, ADWORDS, or PPC. And it’s not Blackhat!

Rapid Mass Traffic Made Eazee is possibly one of the best courses available for identifying hot niches, and as a bonus it shows you how to spy on your visitors and know the demographics of the visitors for these sites so you can maximize your earnings.

The Rapid mass traffic system monetizes through numerous methods, one being affiliate marketing and the other CPA marketing. Both these methods can be exploited for maximum profits because of your increased web traffic.

I have tried and tested the Rapid Mass Traffic formula and from the very first day I saw my website traffic increase 4 fold! And that was from making one change to my website!!

By following the step by step methods taught by Mo Latif, you’ll be able to generate rapid amounts of traffic to your sites and earn huge amounts of profits, without SEO which can take up a lot of your time, PPC which is expensive and Google, which changes its rules and move the goal posts as and when it feels like without notifying you.

If you want to start driving targeted traffic to your website and make money I suggest you Download the FREE report on how PPV can generate more targeted customers that in turn become targeted buying customers.

In conclustion it appears that PPV/CPV wins over PPC as it is:

  • Cheaper
  • You can earn more
  • Provides more targeted traffic
  • Visitors can see your website directly without any action
  • You only need to be concerned about creating a convincing landing page

To your success

DeAnna Dubóis


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Very interesting blog and this articles. I will visit this blog almost every day. Greetings.

    • editorsupremo profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from London, England

      Hi Jen

      I'm glad that this hub has helped. Good luck when you try PPV out!

    • profile image

      Jen Levine - Web Traffic 

      8 years ago

      Hi Great info you have here this is very useful. Will definitely try out PPV advertising. If only I read more stuff like these before it could have saved me a lot of time.


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