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How to Apply for Certified True Copy of PRC ID or Registration Certificate

Updated on September 17, 2016

Original PRC certificate

I am suddenly in that stage again where I need to get certified true copies of my credentials, one of which is the Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) Registration Certificate. I don’t know why I just decided to bring the photocopy and didn’t even bother bringing the original which caused me to decide to just return to PRC the next day. Anyway here’s what you need to do:

1. Bring the Original ID or Registration Certificate

I didn’t bring it the first time I went there because I was thinking that it came from them so, shouldn’t they have it in their database? But I think to eliminate the part where they have to look through their records they just check your copy.

Perfect Photocopy

2. Bring photocopies of the ID or Registration Certificate

Well depending on how many you need. And check if the whole thing was photocopied. Mine turned out to be incompletely photocopied (cropped) on one side and the guy at one window said it wasn’t acceptable. Then he asked for my Original and when I told him, I didn’t bring it that’s when I was told that it was one of the requirements. They are really particular about that photocopy. It should be complete. It should be clear. Clear in the sense that the PRC symbol at the background. The circles around it should be clear/visible too. I mean really visible. Or else they would ask you to have it photocopied again at the photocopier inside the compound which is 3 pesos per page. They also don’t like it reduced. It has to have enough space at the sides for the documentary stamp. (I’ll discuss the steps for applying later.) And I think, the ID or Certificate should be centered on the paper. I think it would be better if you just have it photocopied there so as not to get it rejected over and over.

How the photocopy should look like
How the photocopy should look like
PRC Map | Source


3. Go to PRC.

You will have to get to the second gate if you’re walking along the side walk. Most of the time there are people already lined-up so just fall in line. You have to tell the guard why you are there and show them your photocopies as proof. Because anyone without any transaction to do there are not allowed inside. So, if you have someone with you and he/she doesn’t need anything there. They would not be allowed inside.

Action Sheet for Authentication


This can be downloaded at the PRC website or here ( Just fill it up. It has the amount per copy (75 pesos). You can also get a form from PRC. After you enter the gate. There is a counter with glass window straight ahead. Just ask for the authentication action sheet. Just disregard Steps 4 and 5 in the picture of the back of the Action Sheet. Please read through the text.

The Action Sheet
The Action Sheet | Source
Back of Action Sheet with Instructions
Back of Action Sheet with Instructions | Source

Documentary Stamp and Cashier

5. Then you have to pay for the documentary stamps at the Customer Service Center (CSC).

The customer service center is the counter with windows at the left side when you’re facing the flag pole area or cashier of the PRC. The stamps cost 25 pesos each and they will attach it to your photocopy. This is the where they are really strict about how the photocopy looks like and they are the ones who tell you to have it photocopied again at the photocopier which is conveniently within the same compound. (Just straight ahead after the flagpole area).

6. Then go to the cashier and pay the amount.

The amount will depend on how many copies you need. There is a cashier beside the flag pole area and before the main entrance of the building. There is also a cashier within the building. The one at the right side of Window 4. I just found that out after I have already paid outside and when I was already at window 5.

WIndow 5 Submission of Requirements

7. Then go to Window 5 with the action sheet, the photocopies with documentary stamp, receipt and the original ID or registration certificate.

Window 5 is at the far right when you enter the main door of the PRC building. Since the window is just for authentication, there is a really short to no line at all in that area and they process really fast. The one at the window will just ask you if your ID is not expired yet. Good thing she didn’t ask for it because I think I left it at home. The person at the window will circle the date when you can claim the certified true copies on claim stub and then will give it back to you. I think it’s after 2 working days because I went there on a Friday and I could already claim it Wednesday the following week.

8. The certified true copies will be claimed at Window 6.

If other people will claim it for you, don’t forget to write a letter of authorization and that person should have an ID for proper identification.

I think it would be better to go there early. Like 9 am so that there would be less people and less lines. I was done within 20 minutes when I went there early and that was after I got delayed because my photocopy was rejected again. I had to have it photocopied in their photocopier which suddenly needed to be fixed right before I could have my certificate photocopied.


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