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Updated on May 3, 2015
Oreo print ad
Oreo print ad | Source

Whether it’s their ad campaigns on the web, social media, television or magazines, Oreo has always triumphed in public relations by making creative, simplistic, whimsical and humorous ads. They have always produced memorable and relevant ads that contribute to build strong associations. The print ad above is just another example of the simplistic creativity exhibited by Orio.

Oreo cookies and milk look captivating; one feels drawn to them at the first glance. The color scheme and gradient sets the perspective and allow the eye to focus on the center of the ad. The simple and elegant light blue color makes the ad look fresh, simple and clean. It also inspires confidence, and trust. The light blue theme is used in the entire ad, and it perfectly contrasts the black cookies.

Orio has reinforced the thickness of their cookie by placing a glass of milk in the middle of their cookies. This blends in beautifully with their image of providing delicious cookie-cream sandwiches.

I assume this is actually a French Orio ad campaign because of the tag line in the end “New double lait,” , Google tells me this translated to “ Double Milk”. I am guessing here, but I assume this corresponds “double stuffed” which complements the image of Oreo with extra cream. This is really clever because the minimal use of text, with a captivating symbolic image of milk and cookies really reinforces all that Oreo is. It really magnifies the ‘double cream’ in a clever manner.

Orio is famous among people under the tagline “ Milk’s Favorite cookie,”, It has beautifully related this print ad to the tagline and reinforced the association by connotative referring “Oreo’s” to “milk”

As a whole this ad is effective and serves it purpose beautifully. It is relative, creative, and memorable.

I have included many more creative images of Oreo Ads as well. We can see consistency in the different ads even though each is unique they all follow the same theme which reinforces the overall image of the brand.

Wonderfilled Oreo
Wonderfilled Oreo | Source
Oreo ad
Oreo ad | Source

Even the TVCs of Orio are always rich in creativity and relevancy.

Oreo Wonderfilled


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