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Updated on August 28, 2012


Most products we buy today are from companies who value our comments or complaints about their products. This helps them to keep their customers coming back again and again. Well respected companies will list a product satisfaction guarantee on their packaging. There is a phone number and a web site listed.

In this economic time it is hard enough to make ends meet without getting deprived of what we thought to be a good buy. Everything we buy from our food to the cars we drive are processed or manufactured at a fast pace and done mostly by high tech machinery.

Sometimes machines fail to achieve quality. Sometimes employees are inadequately trained. It is our responsibility to ourselves and the vendor to complain if we buy a can/package of food that is only half full. Maybe garments or shoes are not sized right or sewn well. Or the new appliance we purchase doesn't work like it's suppose to. The only way to be sure our next buying experience to be a better one is to take advantage of those warranties and guarantees.

We often keep items or discard them when a problem is found rather than return them because we haven't the time to bother with it. Which is more important wasted time or wasted money? It can sometimes be seen as the same thing. Time is money.

Defected items thrown away end up in a landfill, it isn't sent back to the company were it could be refurbished. The landfills are full enough with things that shouldn't be there. Why would we want to add another item that takes decades to decay? Some things never break down and are there forever. We all need to think green. Future generations will thank us.

With food products just a simple letter, email, or phone call about the product is enough. Include lot numbers and expiration dates with the message. That partly filled can of soup will most likely be replaced with a cash off coupon mailed directly to the consumer.

Most grocery stores will gladly replace a perishable that was not satisfactory at the time of purchase. So if you buy a quart of berries that had started to mold when you took it home return it for another or a refund.

Welcome Comments

Most companies welcome comments.  As consumers it should be our job to let companies know what we like about their products. It could save a product we buy on a regular basis from being discontinued. Thousands of products we bought years ago are no longer on the market. If the product isn't selling good the company may change it or stop production. If given a few good comments it may be enough to keep the product on the shelves a little bit longer.


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    • Diana Lee profile image

      Diana L Pierce 7 years ago from Potter County, Pa.

      I use to throw it away, too. With the prices going higher and higher we shouldn't have to take the loss.

    • tvalle profile image

      tvalle 7 years ago from New England

      This is a great article. There are some people that i know that think there is nothing to do but it or throw it away. Good information to put out here. thanks


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