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PTSD and Worker's Compensation in Philadelphia

Updated on January 15, 2016

An abrupt traumatic workplace injury could have an adverse impact on the worker's life, his or her livelihood, and the lives of his or her family. In most cases, traumatic injury leads to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD ), which can go to the extent of incapacitating a workers from performing his or her normal duties. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a condition that is triggered when a person undergoes a terrifying incidence which results into emotional and physical harm. Such an experience may not only affect a person who has been affected but may extend to his or her family, loved ones or another person who watched the incident happening to the person. PTSD can make a person to become frightened, or stressed even though the threats or incidents are no longer there. There are sufficient evidence indicating that the occurrence of PTSD to an individual could make a worker unable to engage himself/herself in his or her work duties for some time. Among the side effects of PTSD include being nervous, afraid of encountering the same situation that afflicted him/her and anxious, despite the fact the fact that they may be physically be able to undertake the designated tasks. These factors therefore brings in the subject of inclusion of PTSD in the worker's compensation in the context of Philadephia.
The Pennsylvanian Work Place Injury has finally given hope to many persons who experience PTSD in their work duties. For those workers who are actively require to be treated from ailments, injuries and PTSD, it has now become possible for them to be accorded the workers compensation benefits for PTSD. It should be noted that this is a great gain for all Philadephia workers considering that such a provision was initially not there and that worker's had to suffer silently and bear their own cost while dealing with and treating PTSD. PTSD generated from a workplace injury, stress, excess work or just a traumatic incident in the workplace may cause a turnaround not only to the affected individual but as we earlier noted to his/her family, loved ones or third parties. It therefore mandates one to seek proper legal redress in order to benefit from PTSD worker's compensation. This also requires a person to seek assistance of relevant bodies such as legal teams, financial advisers, government authorizes in order to give a way forward on the mechanisms that can be used to successful be awarded a PTSD worker's compensation.

With the increasing awareness concerning the impact of mental illnesses and PTSD in the workplace there has been a rise in healthcare providers, advocates and insurance agencies facilitating the provision of worker's compensation benefits for individuals affected with PSTD. In the current perspective, provisions for worker’s compensation cover both single and consistent physical traumatic injuries as well as mental traumatic injuries.


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