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Packaging Supplies Glasgow

Updated on July 25, 2016
Paper Packaging
Paper Packaging | Source

Enhance the Experience of Unboxing with Paper over Board Packaging

As children we are taught time and again to never judge books by their covers, however, it seems each time human nature prevails and try as we may, the lesson never sticks and covers remain judged. In fact, the cover of a product can be as important as the product itself. This of course, relates to packaging and today it seems that we are demanding more from our packaging than ever before. One brand who learned the importance of packaging is the Pepsi owned juice giants Tropicana, who changed their packaging and within two months, their sales dropped by 20%. After this crisis, the brand reintroduced their original packaging and sales climbed once more. In total the company lost over $50million.

So, taking this blunder into consideration, it seems that careful consideration must be taken into consideration when packaging any product in order to create the best experience for the consumer engaging with it. The packaging you choose represents the brand, what it stands for and is a non-verbal communication with your customer.

This phenomenon is known as the “un-boxing” experience. Think Apple and Trunk Club, these luxury brands have mastered the art of packaging and create a sense of ceremony for their customers as they un-wrap their new product. Choosing the right material as part of your packaging strategy can enhance the experience of unboxing with paper over board growing in popularity as a go-to material amongst packaging experts.

What is paper over board?

Paper over board is a wonderful packaging solution and makes ideal presentation boxes for corporate gifts. Try using Kraft Paper Roll, which is durable, evoking a sense of high-end design which enhances the product it protects. Today, it’s more important than ever to incorporate the packaging into the whole experience of gift giving, and utilising a luxury material is a quick and easy way to bring a lavish dimension to the goods.

Traditionally this product was created as part of the manufacture of ring binders and boxes, but has been adopted by the packaging supplies industry thanks to the various weights, print finishes and textures that brands can specify in the design process. Paper board is created using litho printing on paper; this is then then laminated onto the board. The finished product is attractive, durable and tactile.

One of the benefits that paper over board packaging holds is its versatility. Each recipient can receive a completely unique packaging experience thanks to the changeability of this product. There are a range of finishes that give paper over board the “wow” factor:

  • Customisation – Adding stylish typography to your packaging created an emotional connection with your customer and enhances their unboxing experience. Today we ask for more from our products, a great product that meets its specified characteristics is simply not enough. We also look to be entertained out with the typical confines of a product; a custom design on paper over board engages the user the minute the product lands in front of them. Paper over board can be customised by using specialist papers, foil blocking and metallic finishes.
  • Tactile – Paper over board can finish in a range of materials that creates a luxury feel. In fact, during a study by the Journal of Applied Packaging Research it was discovered that tactile coatings on packages were preferred, even with an increase of price of the product. Tactile packaging appeals to both the sense of touch and sight, making the unboxing experience multi-dimensional and therefore a more engaging experience. Paper over board is available in iridescent, flocked, mock leather and corrugated etc. finishes.

Using Paper Over Board to Enhance Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are bestowed to the recipients from the businesses they work for and can often be used as a means to show appreciation for the staff. What could enhance this experience further than a beautifully packaged product? Paper over board presentation boxes includes the packaging as part of the gift, rather than a means to an end. This is especially true if the item is personalised. In a world where we are online more than we are off, we love sharing out experiences with other and the sharability of packaging is becoming more important. Dotcom found that nearly 4 in 10 consumers would share an image of a delivery via social media if it came in a unique package.

Creating a memorable packaging experience leaves the recipient thrilled and excited to use the product. This method of luxury packaging creates brand advocates and encourages new customers to engage with your brand. Packaging communicates a purpose, so ensure you utilise the varying and appealing opportunities that paper over board offers when next considering how to enhance your products.


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