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Packaging Trends That Dominated In 2019

Updated on March 21, 2019

Trending Packaging Ideas 2019:

We all know how packaging is important for a product and how it makes the product lucrative and grabs customer attention. But as everyone is now focusing more on packaging, therefore, people are looking for different packaging ideas to present their product in an innovative manner that has never been done before or something that’s different from others. 2018 has been a great year for different packaging ideas; people have tried these ideas.

But since 2019 has started, there is a whole new change in those ideas and trends and designers are now playing with colors and graphics to come up with something unique and out of the box. Therefore, in today’s article, I am going to share those trending packaging ideas, which will make your product stand out.

Less is more:

If you look at all the big brands, then you will see a similarity, and that is they try to keep their packaging simple and transparent by removing all the unnecessary things so that the product stands out and the packaging doesn’t overshadow it. It may sound cliché, but simplicity is still the thing that attracts the most. It seems easy, but it's not easy to attain simplicity, all you do is use some colors and shapes or patterns and communicate your message through it. The packaging will look simple, but the message will be powerful.


Neutral Colors:

This point also reinforces the point mentioned above of keeping it simple, like keep the packaging simple by using nude and natural colors and focus more on design. Play with different nude colors like peach, beige, off white, pinks, light brown, etc. This will not only enhance the overall look but will also give a sophisticated look to your product as it’s all about being neutral in 2019.


Flat Design:

By using this idea, the company only focus only on two elements that are height and width and keep the overall design simple, without focusing much on depth, but bright colors are used to make it attractive. In this way, the company can convey its message properly by making it readable. Also, with the use of bright colors, even simple designs and shapes become lucrative. This design provides a lot of flexibility to the designer, by giving them a lot of options for colors and patterns.


Retro Packaging:

It is all about vintage designs this year, either it’s about dresses or packaging of food or drink, vintage designs and packaging are in. Even now, people prefer products with retro packaging as it shows how authentic the product is and it brings back all their memories so that packaging takes them back to the past. 2019 is about vintage designs and how do you make those vintage design relevant for your product because even if you come with different new designs, people would still be inclined towards old designs, so it's important that we return to our roots.


It's All Black and White:

Black and white are such colors that never go out of fashion and have always been very powerful and attractive. It is difficult to use only two colors for packaging, but it conveys such a powerful message that one cannot ignore. You can use mouse graphics to make it look simple yet clean, and it would make your product stand out on a shelf, full of other products. In addition, as I said keeping it minimum is the key, so in this way, you will be able to achieve simplicity, and you will surprise your customer with your creativity.


Surprise the customer:

We all like surprises and would love to buy a product that is different from others and has a surprise element in it. Similarly, when you are devising a packaging for your product, try to think like a customer, what would a customer like a most? What would surprise him and then decide a packaging? You would never expect a charcoal mask in a domino piece shaped box, but you would love to buy. So no matter what your product is, think out of the box, be different, be unique and people will be attracted towards your product.


Green Packaging:

As people are now aware of the effects of plastic on the environment, so people are now looking for an alternative. So provide them new alternatives like pouches made of eco-friendly materials, use algae-based plastics or mushroom Styrofoam. All of these materials are environmentally friendly and sustainable and attracts the customer the most. As 2019 is about green packaging, try using such products and let your product’s packaging do the marketing for you.



When a consumer goes through all the aisle, that first thing that he notices is the packaging, he looks at it and judges on the spot if the product is good or not on the basis on that packaging. Therefore, it is said that packaging is the first impression on the customer, so it must be good and attractive. That is the reason companies are focusing on packaging by coming up with different packaging ideas. But no matter what packaging design you have selected, the packaging should be strong enough to protect the customer throughout the process; from storage to distribution.

People are willing to buy products, and they want companies to make their products in such a way, that the customers can buy it without hesitation. There are new packaging designs every year, and like every other year, there have been many packaging ideas for 2019 too, but the most popular of them all is keeping it minimal. In this way, you can focus more on your message, by making it more prominent and keeping all the other things like; design and colors to a minimum so that that customer can focus more on the message. 2019 is also about using bold fonts and giving metallic effects to give a more royal look to the product. In the end, it is all about being creative and doing something unique.



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