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Packaging material used in bakery

Updated on July 13, 2011

packaging in bakery

Bakery products are shipped to consumers through various types of packaging .Product shelf life is enhanced through proper selection of packing material.Bakery products such as biscuits , breads , cakes , muffins ,rusk and wafers requires specific packaging .

  1. Packaging provides following function to the products , manufacturers as well as consumers.
  2. Packaging must protect from any mechanical damage to the product
  3. Packaging must have all information about the product for consumers.Most of the countries have laws for food packaging
  4. .Packaging should help consumer carry , store and handle easily . features like tear tape and incision cut and sealbale pouches or pouches with zippers are such examples.Convience
  5. Colors and layout of product packaging are tools for advertisement for manufacturers .
  6. Maintains shelf life of products.
  7. .Packaging acts as barriers to heat , moisture ,aroma etc

Flexible packaging is mostly used for bakery products other products are tins ,jars and cartons .

Flexible packaging are basically LDPE , BOPP , HDPE &PVC .These can againg classified as metallised and pearlised wrappers or metallised . These laminates have following special features like

  1. Heat sealability
  2. Machinability
  3. Printing
  4. mositure retention
  5. aroma retention
  6. low odour and taste

Following precautions has to be taken by flexible packaging manufacturers .

Print mark for machines

cut off length of the products

direction of windings


These packaging materials are supplied as rolls to the product manufacturers as it is easires to put roll into packing machine.Alongwith flexible packaging we can find pvc trays/ display boxes /pouches /boxes/tins are also popular

visit for pics

Secondary Packaging

These packaging are required basically for transportation /warehouse storage /handling .

Mostly these are cardboard boxes or CBB made of kraft papers or sometimes these are tins .

CBBS are further classified as three ply or five ply cardboard boxes .Selection of cbbs are made on the load requirement .Paper liners are used for products in cbbs to protect them from damages during shipments .

Strapping is also done for cbbs for handling purpose.

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