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Packing machines used in bakery

Updated on July 6, 2011

Bakery Packaging Equipments


Horizontal flow wrap packing machines  are used for automated packs of biscuits , cakes , cookies , bread and wafers into slug packs, uni packs , jumbo packs ,tray packs and over wraps .

These machines uses flexible wrappers as packing material  with features like auto feeders, feeding chutes , forming boxes , cutters , eye mark sensors , cross feeds . Horizontal machines capacities are in packets/min . Two types of flow wrap  machines are popular

  • On the Edge packing  machines
  • Pile Up packaging machine


Versatile and robust machine used for cookies and biscuit .Change over times are less as it has got boxes as it  components  can be changed  quickly  and the changeovers are less as compare to other packing machines

More of mechanical parts  it main features are cams , cam shaft , forming boxes , cutter , guides  etc . Average speed around 60-80packs /minutes


Cream sandwich machines have additional attachment where  creams is spread between top and bottom shells . Single , double and three lines could be asked for  from machine s manufacturers .


Shrink Wraps  are used as  additional safety from foriegn particles contaminations.wrapped on box for better shelf life and look .


Display boxes are overwrapped where packed material arevisible from top . These can be used as marketing tool.Cookies , cakes , cupcakes and biscuits  could be over wrapped in display boxes


Box strapping machine used to for better handling of carton while loading and unloading . Its also gives strength to packaging.Few countries  levies  taxes on units  shipped hence manufacturers prefer to strap complete stack  of cartons into one pallet load .


Carton once filled are passed on to carton taping machines which then tape s the carton flaps from top as well as bottom in some cases .Guide roller are provided either on sides or top


Bread slicers are used to cut baked loaf  into number of slices  which are then packed into polybags by highly  sophisticated bagger machines

Automation in packing has resulted in bread baggers which thenpacks these bread online these machines can packs 80-100/min packs of 800g pack size of bread .Its operated through pneumatic applications .


It is used for biscuits and cookies .Biscuit are conveyed to batch weighing hopper  and pouches of different weights can be packed  in these machines
Max speed is 150-200 packets /min


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