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Paper Cutters for your office

Updated on February 5, 2017

Uses of paper cutter

There is a wide range of cutters in stock are available for different customer’s need and budget.

Uses of paper cutter

If you are searching for a clean edge paper, cutting then the best choice is to use guillotine paper cutter or manual paper cutter. You can get an instant quality result with the use of a manual paper cutter.

If you want your bunch of papers to be straight and clean edge cuts then you should not go with scissors but with the help of a manual cutter, it’s easy to get work done smoothly.

Step by step procedure to use a paper cutter for paper cutting.

  1. It is easy to use a paper cutter. Before paper cutting place the paper cutter on the flat surface and clean paper blades so that paper cutter cuts papers in a straight edge.
  2. Now put the paper on the cutting base of the paper cutter.
  3. Do not try to put more papers then the maximum number of paper allowed on the paper cutter; otherwise, you will not get straight and cleaned edges.
  4. Now start cutting the paper by bringing the arm down.
  5. Finally, your paper cutting will do easily without any hindrance with the help of a paper cutter.

Features of different options of paper cutters:

1) Cutter Blade

  • There are different collections of cutter blades in stocks, all do pose some extra special features and from among all there is Polar 76EL Paper Knife Cutter Blade which offers you some features like high- quality paper knives, length is 36.417”, width is 4.330”, thickness is 0.382” and 14 holes.
  • The USA is a country, which always works hard to fulfill customer’s requirement and make them smile after using products. Polar 76EL Paper Knife Cutter blade is made in the USA and other cutter blades also.
  • You will get more details about other types of cutter blades by visiting at PrintFinish, Canada.

2) Cutting Sticks

  • Cutting sticks for use with different brands such as Polar, Ideal MBM/Triumph, KW-Trio, Schneider-Senator and Wohlenberg with different machine models and sizes.
  • More details you will get after visiting at PrintFinish, Canada.

3) Tabletop Trimmer

  • There are different types of trimmers in stock with descriptions. Some offer unique features, each explain better in below point.
  • Some types of trimmers proffer manual backgauge or both handed operation which is easy and safe to use and adjustable.
  • High quality cutting steel blades hand you with the best quality result.
  • It is a device for easy attachable and detachable blades.

4) Manual Paper Trimmer

  • KW-Trio 3942 Manual Paper Trimmer is manual operated and design especially for school and office.
  • It comes with hand guard in the front and back, knife lock and paper guide.
  • It proffers you adjustable back gauge, Front gauge adjustable using rotary knob with fine adjustment scale, lockable in every position.

5) Automatic Programmable Paper Cutter

  • It is easy to use, adjust and has programmable control.
  • It provides SCS (Safety Cutting System), Front safety light beams and safety cover on the rear table.
  • It has high storage capacity for paper waste.
  • It has the capacity to stores up to 99 programs or 99 steps each.

6) Hydraulic Paper Cutter

  • It offers large LCD display and very intelligent control.
  • It is fully programmable back gauge and hydraulic control.
  • It has a high-speed capacity for paper cutting.

It also stores up to 99 programs.


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