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Part time job options in Chennai

Updated on January 6, 2015


Part time jobs in Chennai have always been a popular means among college going students to enhance their pocket money. However, with the advent of internet and the growth in economy, various professionals have started working independently for an increased earning potential, also with the advancement in technology which made it possible for them to deliver the end product in a swift manner, without running from pillar to post. Also, internet gave way to various job profiles that can be pursued from the comfort of your home.

Part-time jobs in Chennai, can be taken up by any professional, the only requisite is that, they need to possess the skills essential for the job. Part-time jobs are a great means to top your earning potential and give rise to your savings. Diversified range of job options are present as part-time options, for people with different skills. Keeping in mind the different skills and tasks, that come as part time jobs in Chennai I have carved this hub to help those looking for part time jobs in Chennai and help them identify the job profile which aptly suit their skills and interests. So lets take a look on the profiles and the responsibilities that these part-time jobs in Chennai come with.


Accounting clerk

As a part time accounting clerk, you will be primarily working independently or as a freelancer, that means your earning potential will depend upon the number of clients you have in your kitty and on the number of hours you put into work.
As an accounting clerk, you are responsible for maintaining and reviewing accounting records of your client. This is done by doing a set of tasks like, using accounting books and sheet, you will calculate the balances and interest on loans, balances in the bank accounts, receivables and credit. You will be deeply involved in reviewing invoices, reconciling account statements, identify discrepancies and generate balance reports.
As a part time accounting clerk, you will work for diversified set of businesses and the tasks that you will pursue will be based on the industry or the sector, to which your client belongs to.
To start off as an accountant, you will need a graduate degree or a school diploma along with the know-how of basic accounting procedures and the ability to work of softwares meant for accounting. A bachelor's degree shall arm you with all the essential skills for this role and will also make you eligible for part time jobs in Chennai as an accounting clerk.
There are certain certificates which you can apply for and pursue at your own comfort. Accounting technician course (ATC), which is the first step towards earning a certificate as a chartered accountant, although that is a time taking and effort based process, depending upon your wish, whether or not you want to earn the certification.
Accounting as a profession offers equal chances to learn and pursue your career together. Certifications in accounting, shall amplify your job prospects if at all you wish to work as an accounting professional in a full-time role.


Radio Jockeys or RJ

Part time jobs in Chennai are available for this job domain. This job profile is highly popular among the youth, those who are good at communicating with people. As a radio jockey, you will work for an fm channel as an anchor to entertain the listeners and provide them with information, news updates or any other happenings in the city. As a Radio jockey you will need to develop your own style of communicating along with; a sweet, mid to heavy voice for broadcasting on air. Other than the quality of voice, your presence of mind, aptitude, your overall personality matters the most to deliver content through your voice. Employers who recruit candidates for part time openings for this position look forward for candidates who possess an engaging personality.
This job profile is quite demanding, in terms of work hours, you will need to develop a flexible routine as these jobs are generally, not 9 to 5 jobs. You can be called to host a show at any hour of the day, however, that is rostered days before.
Also you would need to develop certain personality traits, before you get started as a part-timer in this job domain, an open mind, cultural activeness, and constant check on the current affairs of the city and the country; is what employers deeply look for when hiring radio jockey's for part time jobs in Chennai. Know-how of regional languages or the local language, would be a plus when applying for these jobs.
Other than anchoring as your key responsibility area, writing scripts for your show will take a considerable amount of your time. However, once you have written the script on your own, you can alter the content at your own will.
Not only as a part-time career, you can make a full-time career in this job domain as the job prospects of this profile are towering as you can relocate to other metros for higher pay packages and career growth.


Medical transcription

This is one of the oldest part time job option in Chennai. This job role saw its emergence towards the beginning of the 21st century and since then, this job role has served as a means to earn their bread and butter for millions of people all across the country.
As a part-time medical transcriptionist, you will work for hospitals or physician's as your clients. You can also work for independent transcription companies, which outsource transcription jobs to people working as part-timers or freelancers. These companies hire freelancers by posting part time jobs in Chennai, for the purpose of creating transcriptions of medical recordings. These jobs can be pursued from a home office, using a computer and an internet connection to complete the tasks.
The basic job duties for part-time medical transcriptionists are; reviewing prerecorded audio notes from physicians, for developing content, transcripting the recording using a keyboard and audio control equipment, submitting the transcribed documents for archiving the medical history of patients, and proof reading the documents for accuracy.
The employers who look for medical transcriptionists in Chennai, seek candidates who have a degree in science as there are certain medical terms which you would need to familiarize yourself with. Along with the ability to type with a minimum typing speed and high accuracy.
The payments associated with this part time job in Chennai can be based on; the number of hours put to work or the number of pages converted into a digital document. Experience in medical transcription shall also govern your payment as most employers value those candidates who have at least two years of prior work experience in a similar role. The payments shall also vary, depending upon your employer, whether you are working for a physician, hospital or a medical transcription company.


Content writer

The internet is flooded with part time jobs in Chennai for this job profile. As a content writer you will be responsible for creating, proof-reading and editing content for websites, to help a user gather information regarding a product, service, or an idea, the content you will have to create needs to be; clear, concise, and to the point, giving the user right information in a blink of an eye.
This job profile is for those who are inclined towards creativity and have an un-ending desire to write; if you possess these two traits then you are the perfect cut-out for part time content writing jobs in Chennai. A good hold on english language is the only criteria on which the recruiter will judge you. As a part-timer you will have the independence to work for a large chain of clients, however, that will require longer duration of work hours and devotion but then the financial benefits of your hard work and patience will be equally rewarding.
Familiarity with the concepts of search engine optimization, web development, and internet marketing shall help you score part-time work from a varied set of clients who require content for various purposes. The primary focus of these jobs is to create informative and engaging content, which is not plagiarised or copied from other sources on the internet. Avoiding the mal-practice of copying content written by others, shall hamper your reputation as a writer and might also lead to legal proceedings against you. So if you take up this part time job in Chennai make sure that you are not involved in the malpractice of copying or plagiarism.
The payout is generally associated on; the volume of work, number of words written, number of articles written or the number of posts created.

How to find part time jobs in Chennai

If you wish to look for part time jobs in Chennai, then you must visit any of the popular and credible job sites. As employers now prefer updating the job openings on job sites, as they reach out to a wide range of audiences allowing them to pick the best candidates from the large of volume of job applications that they receive.
Also developing your own professional network will help you in getting part-time jobs, or even getting an update about a recent opening for part-timers.
Apply for part time jobs in Chennai through a job site, as you can apply for a number of job openings which would amplify your prospects of landing with a suitable job.


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