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Paypal and Me

Updated on March 28, 2015

Now I know that PayPal may be an answer to many people’s problems but, that alone does not make them good. For instance, if it wasn’t for the black plague in Europe five hundred years ago, would the world be over populated by now?

The only things that are good for humanity, are those that are free from bias and operate free from fear, after all, isn’t fear what we all dread?

I have been working on hubpages for several years and you are, by all means welcome, to visit my contributions but apparently, I am not worthy to receive any dues for my efforts because I do not live in an area that PayPal recognises. Well, according to hubpages (and PayPal) I have done my bit to earn everybody money but; although they will freely accept their cut, I cannot ever receive mine because I live in Belize. Yes I knew that the rules stated that I must have a VISA card before I could enter a PayPal program but PayPal did not inform me that they do not accept VISA cards issued by Belize, in fact they stated, any VISA card is acceptable. My, my, what a surprize when I found out that not only did Belize banks know that they and PayPal are in disagreement but so are PayPal.

It would appear, unfortunately, that PayPal, like any other financial institution, are only there for themselves. I also know that this will not come as any surprize to most of you but; having worked for several years on the assumption that, I would perhaps get a little something back for my efforts, the bottom line is, I won’t. Not because I don’t deserve it, not because I haven’t earned it and not because I shouldn’t accept it, only because I will not be given it because I live in a country, although recognized by PayPal for accepting money from, will not allow money to be paid to it.

I am sorry but I think this is BS. We are told time and again that all these regulations are put in place in order to stop money laundering or some such thing. The truth is that banks make money from money laundering and they only make a show of tightening transactions. The real truth is that our couple of dollars here and there make no difference to the big picture but they want us to think they are doing something. Don’t get me wrong, they are doing something but it has nothing to do with money laundering, only getting us to pay more to try to stop it. I say: STOP IT, don’t prey on the little man, stand up and face the big ones. Oh no, I forgot, it is us little ones that cannot help themselves, that make you your money.

Life is though, how many expect it to be so, one day; VISA and MasterCard will have enough plastic to stand on their own two feet and offer what is right for the people but, who knows? Maybe next time I will be asked my sex, my age, my income, my colour, my nationality and verification that I am not an alien. It seems that they will always work together if; they are working against us.

So, sign up today for a new card, just make sure it is a lolo land card.


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    • sparkster profile image

      Sparkster Publishing 2 years ago from United Kingdom

      How about Adsense? Do they support Belize? If so, then you can still have your Adsense account associated with your Hubpages account without having to use the Hubpages earnings program. You would then get paid by Adsense. Aside from that, it looks like Paypal is the only option.

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 2 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      As I recall you can have a check sent to any address you supply to Hub Pages and if that is true then you could then have the check forwarded to you . . . just a thought.

      Or, if you know someone here in the States you trust you could have the money sent to their Pay Pal account and then forwarded to you.

      Or if it is the measly little amount they pay me you could probable donate it to charity and never miss it.

      Of course as an artist I consider myself charity and so welcome the pathetic amount I gain for enlightening the world with my clever wit, supreme intelligence and divine knowledge.

      To me HPs isn't about making money, its about sharing my uniqueness with a world that is dragged down by its own droll existence. So HPs is really helping the world by allowing me the forum to enlighten it and any compensation for giving the world the benefit of my divine wisdom is really its own reward.

      I feel for you bro and if there is anything I can do, I will because I have always really enjoyed reading your articles.