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Paypal SandBox Sign Up Guide

Updated on March 25, 2011

Paypal SandBox - Put Your Code To The Test

Before you implement your online transactions using Paypal in live site, it is better for you to check the integrity of your coding in Paypal Sandbox.

You could make demo transactions in safe mode. Once you codes are free from errors, you could enable Paypal as one of the payment methods for your online store.

Paypal Sandbox is almost the same with live Paypal. It has all the features of Paypal.

You could create test buyer and seller accounts. You could create paypal buy now button, donate button and also integrate your e commerce shopping cart payment with paypal.

It is the best place for you to familiarize yourself with Paypal.

One the benefit of using Paypal is the ease of integration. You have Paypal Sandbox and lot of developers who are well verse in this field.

Plus, there are there a lot e commerce shopping carts that you could integrate with ease with Paypal.

List of popular ecommerce shopping carts that supports Paypal .

  1. Oscommerce - one the most popular open source shopping cart.
  2. Zen-Cart
  3. Magento
  4. CubeCart

For the complete list of shopping carts that support Paypal, click here.

All the integration you could test it in Paypal SandBox. Once ready and error free then only make it live. To Sign Up Paypal Account, Click Here.

Get your Paypal SandBox User Guide (PDF) here and to Sign Up Paypal SandBox account, click here. It is free to sign up and learn the payment solution.

Good luck with your eCommerce endeavor.

Paypal SandBox - Put Your Code To The Test
Paypal SandBox - Put Your Code To The Test

Paypal SandBox Sign Up Guide - Piece of cake


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    • probyte2u profile image

      Eidul Ameen Bin Sahul Hamid 7 years ago from Part Buntar, Malaysia

      Thanks .

    • creativeMind profile image

      creativeMind 7 years ago from Cochin

      very informative

    • probyte2u profile image

      Eidul Ameen Bin Sahul Hamid 8 years ago from Part Buntar, Malaysia

      It is my pleasure ! Thanks

    • creativeone59 profile image

      benny Faye Douglass 8 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

      Thanks for a very informative hub and information. thanks for sharing it. creativeone59