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Pennsylvania (PA) Civil Service Study Guide

Updated on August 18, 2010

Pennsylvania (PA) Civil Service Study Guide:


The Civil Service exam is quite possibly the most important test you’ll ever take as it relates to your financial future. Many of the most desirable and sought-after career paths require you to have a passing Pennsylvania Civil Service test score in order to even be considered. Furthermore, to be eligible for the most prestigious positions with the highest pay and the most room for upward movement, you need a Pennsylvania Civil Service score that is not only passing, but well above “average”.

And did you know that your Pennsylvania Civil Service exam score could literally make or break your career? As a result, it’s critical that you be properly prepared on test day. However, that’s clearly easier said than done. You see, the “typical” Pennsylvania Civil Service exam is designed to be incredibly difficult to study for and even harder to pass – part of what makes a high Pennsylvania Civil Service test score so highly prized and sought after.

Nevertheless, forgoing studying altogether isn’t an option, so what’s a Pennsylvania Civil Service test taker to do?

What many people that are getting ready to face their Civil Service exam in the state of Pennsylvania don’t know is that when you incorporate the right preparation methods into your study routine your chances of passing your exam increase by leaps and bounds.

In fact many successful test takers report that during their preparation process, they discovered what types of material would be covered and what wouldn’t. Furthermore, they indicate that they were treated to an expert assessment of where their strengths and weaknesses were. As a result, you will know from day one where to focus the bulk of your study effort.

And remember that any civil service exam study guide designed for the state of Pennsylvania exam should by specially designed to be easy to understand no matter what your level of mastery in regards to the material is.

Furthermore, it should explain to you on how to spot trick questions, prepare yourself physically and mentally for your Pennsylvania Civil Service test and how to make educated guesses on questions where you’re not sure of the answer.

In the end, while many Civil Service examinations in the state of Pennsylvania may seem complicated and intimidating; it really doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, getting a Pennsylvania Civil Service Exam Study Guide and studying for it can help you score to your full potential.


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    • profile image

      Elizabeth Ardila 2 years ago

      Am I allowed to answer all the questions I know and go back through the exam to answer the questions that were difficult?

    • profile image

      bate and switch 4 years ago

      no information available

    • profile image

      Eff Ewe 5 years ago

      What a bunch of BS. Hey FU - scam scam do not pay them a penny. they only prey on your desperation. It doesn't work.

    • profile image

      AM 5 years ago


      You click on the link "Pennsylvania Civil Service Exam Study Guide" toward the end of the text. It's approximately $40.

    • profile image

      KG 6 years ago

      You say all this, but leave no information on how to obtain a study guide...smh