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People are Making $1,500 a Night to Party with Fashion Models?

Updated on May 4, 2013
club promoter girls partying
club promoter girls partying | Source

People are Making $1,500 a Night to Party with Fashion Models?

At Abe and Arthur’s, where most people shell out $100 per person to have a meal, Pierre and his friends have just eaten for free. As the clock strikes 12:30, Pierre rallies his group and makes his way for the door, shaking the restaurant manager’s hand on the way out.

Following behind him are 10 of the most beautiful women in the world. Tall, thin, fashion models with striking features that stop most men dead in their tracks.

One guy being escorted by 10 stunning fashion models? It sounds like every man’s dream. For many, this scene would sound unreal. Something out of a movie. For Pierre, it is just something that he does 5 nights a week.

Pierre is a NYC club promoter, his job is to bring models out to fashionable restaurants and elite nightclubs that desire the presence of models to help boost their image.

At New York’s most nightlife establishments, everything revolves around the ‘scene’- places compete with each other to have the most sophisticated and beautiful crowd. Pierre, and other nightlife promoters, are an essential part of making these ‘scene’s’ happen.

The clubs may provide the music and the restaurants may provide the food, but the promoters provide the most important element, the people.

How Does Being a Promoter Work?

At its simplest, a promoter is paid to bring people to a club party or event. There are several different types of promoters which are used for different purposes and by different types of venues or parties. Pierre, who we met earlier, works as a model promoter. Here are some other types of promoters:

· Model Promoters – paid to bring 10-15 models to an upscale event (hired by venues or event promoters / given free alcohol, dinners)

· Filler Promoters – Paid to bring 15-20 attractive (not model) girls and a few guys to upscale events (hired by venues or event promoters / given free alcohol, dinners)

· Mass Promoter – Paid to bring as many people as they can to an event, hired by larger less exclusive venues or events

· Event promoters – responsible for putting together an entire event, may hire different sub promoters to help with bringing people.

Club promoter with girls
Club promoter with girls | Source

How Much Does a Promoter Make?

Depending on where you live, and what kind of promoter you are, you can make quite a substantial amount of money as a promoter. Top model promoters in NYC make around $1,500 per night, just for bringing 10 models to a party for 3 or 4 hours.

Event promoters can make even more, if their events are successful (to the millions of dollars per event, for large event promoters).

Promoters who are just starting out can expect around $100 per night, which is still not bad as you are being paid to party.

Many pursue promoting part time while going to school or working free-lance jobs, while others pursue it full time.

Who Can Be a Promoter?

Pretty much anyone can. All you need is to enjoy inviting people out, and like going to parties. It is really as easy as that. There are all kinds of promoters from all kinds of backgrounds, some have degrees from ivy league universities, some never graduated high school.

What Skills Does a Party Promoter Need?

As an aspiring club promoter, it helps if you have the following skills

  • Outgoing - find it easy to talk to people that you don't know
  • Like inviting people places
  • Have initiative
  • Are persistent
  • Good Social Skills
  • Like to go to parties
  • Good at managing personal relationships

Ready to start promoting? Check out this website for more tips on how to become a promoter


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