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Performance Goals for a Receptionist to Accomplish Yearly

Updated on July 9, 2011

Every business benefits if someone with a friendly smile and pleasant personality greets its customers. A receptionist is such an employee. When a new client walks into the office, often the receptionist is the first person the new client sees. The receptionist might offer the customer a cup of coffee and hold a friendly conversation with him until the boss is available. The receptionist keeps the office friendly and the business files organized.

Greeting Customers

Improving performance skills in greeting a customer is an important goal. It is also important to present a business in a professional and organized manner. This can make the customer feel comfortable with a business’s competency. Customers may come and leave an office quickly at the start of a year, not positive they are dealing with professionalism. If by year's end the customer stays and chats jokingly with the receptionist, and seems sure all is in order, then her social skills have improved.

Phone Skills

Performance skills in speaking with customers on the phone are important. Learning to speak more clearly and distinctly in a friendly manner is always an asset to a receptionist’s job position. Improving her techniques in using the hold function so a customer does not feel avoided, aids in success with the customer. A receptionist may have to repeat herself, and place customers on hold, several times at the start of a year. If by year’s end the phone conversations flow quickly and smoothly, then her phone skills have improved.

Handling Office Mail

Improvement in mail handling is an important goal to achieve. Sorting the mail by date, and distributed it correctly, aids in a business’s timely task accomplishment. Getting it to the mail-room in time to go to the post office ensures timely delivery to outside customers. A receptionist may have to track down undelivered contracts at the start of a year. If by year’s end contracts are on desks and in mailboxes in a timely manner, then her mail handling skills have improved.

Maintaining Files

Maintaining the office files is an important part of a receptionist's job. Organizing office documents with computer programs and in filing systems is necessary to keep a growing business running smoothly. It is also important for her to understand the company’s documents when reading them, as this can aid in an office manager doing his job faster. A receptionist may take excessive time searching for a file, then have to ask her boss its meaning. If by year’s end if she can find a file and understand it immediately, then her productive filing abilities have improved


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