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Personal Success Lessons inspired by Accenture - High Performance. Delivered

Updated on February 8, 2011
all brand names belong to the respective owner(s)
all brand names belong to the respective owner(s)

Accenture uses the tag-line 'High Performance. Delivered' to describe how they deliver excellence, repeatedly.

Here are some personal success tips based on this tag-line:

I think tag-lines are fun!

I think writing tag-lines is more fun!

I think trying to make sure your entire organization embodies and works that tag line is funniest of all.
So, a tribute to the great marketers of our age (some older, some younger) I decided to use brand taglines to think of some personal success ideas.

For the complete list go to

5 Parts to 'Execution Excellence'

- Focus

Execution excellence starts with getting your focus right. focus what the problem is, focus on what needs to be done, focus on what you want to achieve.

Bring focus to the measurement and the assessment of the situation.

- Simplification

Simplify what you want to achieve by breaking it down to manageable projects. bring the team on it. ensure everyone knows what is being done and to what purpose.

If you cannot put the objectives for the project on a single sheet of A4 paper, you have something most people will not understand.

create and measure no more than 3 parameters to judge your efforts on.

- Speed

everything happens much faster today.

the changes are magnified, tastes change, fads move away sooner. getting the projects under way, delivering on what you started is critical, but within the time frame that would make sense to the customer (internal or external)

- Discipline

Doing what you have to, everytime.

measure your performance.

make people responsible.


Understand that execution excellence is not a one time thing. you have to consider this a journey rather than an outing


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