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Personal savings and Future

Updated on September 28, 2012
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Day today Savings

Mostly We do consider and concern about the future . Even we go to such an extent , investing maximum amount in savings and forgetting the enjoyment of present. To get rid of this thought, we shall opt for Day today Savings. A cent in a day or A dollar in a Day or any currencies will gives us more relief for the future at the same time makes you feel committed for the future.You can invest one year amount in a day or six months amount in a day or one month amount in a day. But whatever option you opt for, it is best advisable to keep a journal for day today investment.

Apart from this , Your investment should have aim for the future. You may divert the savings for some other purpose in future. But the savings should have the purposes. Without purpose , whatever amount you save , it may not yield good results. It may attract you for unwanted usage or may be lending to others. Keep it in your mind Lending to others , especially money is like investing in unknown business , either you may get benefit because of luck or you may lose completely.

Save for future

This concept for savings is entirely different from money savings. Most often , we confuse ourselves the term savings.Money savings alone can't save your future. It is up to you , whether you are saving the money in terms of skills or education. So , you save the money in terms of education by studying specialized subjects or technology. This is one of the best savings for the future. As such Money savings may double or triple or even more. But converting the money savings equivalent to skills , will yield ten to twenty times or more than that.

In order to save the future , you start planning the day today accounting . Not only considering the expenses in a day or month, and rearranging according to the requirement. It is best advisable to search for the options for which is going to help us for comfortable living. It is good to reduce you requirement, but not neglecting the basic requirement. You should able to differentiate the basic requirement to sophistication. At the same time , to achieve meaningfully in future , to lift ourselves to comfortable position , you must invest or save the money indirectly by opting for skill improvement and education improvement. There is no alternative for this.

Future money

Money can be saved in various forms. Usually bankers offers solution for one and all. The easiest and happiest way of saving money for future is platinum, gold and silver.These precious metals are increasing it's value day by day and year by year. All these metals can be saved to save the future in the form of ornaments, bars as well as bank offering papers.Not all the countries has the facility of saving this precious metals in the form of platinum paper, gold paper or silver paper. If we commit to save a gram in a month , in twenty years, the worth of these metals may be in thousands to millions of any world currencies. So let us vow to save the future money in the form of metals .

Precious metals


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