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"Persuasive Writing Skills Help Me Spank Bad Boy Boss"

Updated on August 9, 2015

Hi, All,
I gut into a lousy deal but my Copywriting studies got me out of it. I had bought a funky looking pair of socks thinking my lifelong problem of raising ire by not wearing socks was over at last. The socks are similar to the ones depicted below. I would show you but they changed it since then. Here is what they sent me instead:

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Geez, that's not what I ordered. What a drag. But they were kind of interesting so I kept quiet. A few days later I was low on dough and fenced for a scott free refund. Yes, I wanted to keep the socks too. Is there anything to this copywriting effectiveness baloney tdey keep handing me, I wondered. Maybe we can find out here and now.

I sent a note to the bad boy company I bought from saying, "the socks you sent me are not the same ones as in the picture i ordered. please check and advise.



Here is part of the response:

"Hi Terrence,

Thanks very much. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience, as we have just learned that we added our product to an incorrect listing, Let us know if you would like to return the socks. Would you be interested in a discount on them?


Customer Support"

Mission aborted? After all he says " return for refund., or get a discount."

Here is my follow up note to him. I am employing the copy driver/buyer emotion "guilt" here because I suspect the accidental mistaken listing was no accident at all. Hence, he may feel guilty. I am also swiping at his self image- his need to see himself as a responsible person of integrity. Like us all, he has an extremely strong compulsion to keep his behavior consistent with his beliefs about himself. Again, this would cause feelings of guilt if so:

"Gee, that's disappointing that the style I wanted is not available but I wish you would have known not to send me the other one. I don't have the scratch to send them back today so I guess I will take it on the chin. Let me know if you get the right ones in so I can order a pair."


His reply is devastating:

"Hi Terrence,

I am really sorry . I am going to refund your order fully.. please keep those socks.

Sincerely, "

The middleman also sent me a refund notice.

.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"Copy Drivers" Win The Fight"..................................

Looks like applying "copy drivers" to "buyer emotions", as my studies indicate,, works well, especially when coupled with the universal need to act consistently with one's self image. Some of the best writer-teachers who discuss applying copy drivers to buyer emotions are Denny Hatch, Michael Masterson and Joseph Sugarman. Robert Bly is a good one too. Their books are affordable.

Don't forget Eugene Schwartz.

Thank You,

Wrath Warbone

P.S. These authors are the best for the money

P.P.S. Please note the play on the need to be consistent throughout the communication exchanges. Street-wise hoods do it best.

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    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 3 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Great hub and I enjoy it. Thanks for writing and sharing with us. Good job!