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Phone Swipe New and Improved Accept Credit Cards Anywhere

Updated on February 21, 2014
Accept credit cards on your iPhone, iPad, or Android and get paid FAST!
Accept credit cards on your iPhone, iPad, or Android and get paid FAST!

Being able to accept credit cards on your mobile device is quickly becoming the standard for many small businesses, however, mobile payments have had some growing pains including no customer service and lacking security protocols ( Square ).... All of that changed when PhoneSwipe was released quickly becoming the mobile credit card processing industry leader. Now they have done it again with the latest version of the Phone Swipe app for Android, iPhone, and iPad. This latest PhoneSwipe update has once again secured their position as the leader in accepting credit cards on mobile devices, BUT, there are some secrets you need to know. First, lets take a look at what is new, because how do improve on industry leading encryption, service, and dependability?

Accept Credit Cards anywhere....easily!
Accept Credit Cards anywhere....easily!

Accept Credit Cards Anywhere and Never Loose a thing!

The first major improvement starts with cloud syncing of all your data. Why is that important you ask? Well, one of the first problems with app based payment processing, to accept credit cards, is that your online reporting capabilities were clumsy requiring a separate login and your data was not preserved anywhere. Not any more, now all your reporting is available in real time both from the sleek merchant portal that you may access from any computer as well as on the device you (or your employees) are processing from. Simply use the same login information for your app as you do in the portal and you can see what is going on in real time, manage your account information, and even edit your inventory!

UPDATE: I have seen a lot of complaints from users who are frustrated with the new login process stating that they have to login for every transaction. There is an easy fix for this. You can do two things to make the process easier:

1. If you actually need to leave the app to answer a call or do another process on your device simply exit to the home screen of your device without using the “back” button that prompts you to actually “sign out” of the app. If you do not sign out, the app will remain logged on and run in the background so that when you open it for the next transaction you will NOT need to sign in again. Using this method you should only have to login for your first transaction of every day.

2. You can also change how frequently the app asks you for your PIN from every 30 seconds to 24 hours to NEVER. Simply open the app and click on settings in the bottom right of your screen (it looks like two gears) and then click on PIN Settings about half-way down the page. This way you will not be forced to enter your secure PIN for every transaction to accept credit cards or cash payments.

The Second reason cloud syncing is incredibly important is for those merchants that have a large inventory or any inventory for that matter. Imagine this…. You spend days photographing, pricing, and creating descriptions for all your inventory so that you can impress your customers with your new cutting edge POS system when kuuuueeer plunk! Your phone (or iPad) falls in the pool!!! #$@&%! With any other mobile payment system (or before this amazing update) you would have to replace your device and start all over….. Not any more! Now simply get your new device, download the app, login, and sync. Whalllaa the inventory that you worked so diligently on along with all your business information and payment settings are back. That alone is an amazing upgrade but we did not stop there.

Turn your mobile device into a Point of Sale system and manage your business efficiently.
Turn your mobile device into a Point of Sale system and manage your business efficiently.

Mobile Credit Card Processing or a Point of Sale System? Why not Both!

PhoneSwipe now boasts a streamlined checkout, reporting, tipping, and inventory to make every transaction faster and more efficient. Reports are easier than ever to customize to meet your specific needs - you can even set up reports and alerts to automatically emailed to you.

Phone Swipe also works with cash drawers and printers turning your device into a complete Point of Sale system for your business. You will be able to accept and track all your transactions including cash payments and making change. This way you can easily track all your sales to see what is selling and what is not, create exportable reports, and help with tracking your inventory. Phone Swipe is compatible with AirPrint-enabled, Star thermal, or Google Cloud Print compatible printers and select cash drawers. Please note that Phone Swipe works with cash drawers that interface with Star printers. You will need to purchase a compatible Star printer if you do not have one already in order to complete the POS setup.

Another great upgrade with the latest PhoneSwipe update is that it now supports Spanish! So if a majority of your customers or employees are Spanish speaking our system will allow you to accept credits and navigate the app in Spanish with more languages on the way! Try and get that with Square.

Cloud synced reporting allows you to get your PhoneSwipe reports anywhere on your phone or your computer so you can always stay in touch with your business.
Cloud synced reporting allows you to get your PhoneSwipe reports anywhere on your phone or your computer so you can always stay in touch with your business.

Online Reporting Just Got Better!

We did not just update ways you can accept credit cards with the app but The Merchant Portal has some great upgrades now as well. You can add users to enable all of your employees to be able to accept payments for you on their supported devices, you can change your Deposit Account, browse a detailed support section to answer all your questions, order additional card readers for your account, download statements, and even participate in the best referral program on the market! That’s right we love referrals! When you refer a friend or business to Phone Swipe, we'll give you $50 as a thank you. This will be reflected as an ACH credit to your bank account after your friend has activated their Phone Swipe account by processing at least $150 in Visa/MasterCard/Discover transactions. Referrals can be made from either the app or the Phone Swipe Inside merchant portal. You can even track the status of your referrals in the Referrals section on Phone Swipe Inside to see how close you are to your reward. You won't get that with Square!

Get started today!  The Application only takes 3 minutes!
Get started today! The Application only takes 3 minutes!

Start Accepting Credit Cards Today.

Accept Credit Card payments quickly and easily TODAY with Phone Swipe. Keep in mind that there are any number of sales offices that represent the Phone Swipe so if you want the best in customer service you will find it with the Merchant Doctor Team. Not all sales offices are created equal so if you would like a team that will always represent their products clearly so that you can make the best choice for your business. They have an attentive and courteous staff to assist you and make sure that you know all the costs involved and keep your business’ best interest first! Also, they have the unique ability to offer you all the convenience of PhoneSwipe (or any retail, POS, or online merchant services) at the lowest Interchange Plus pricing available! Or if you prefer, for PhoneSwipe, they have a great flat rate program:

- Swiped Transactions 2.69%

- Keyed Transactions 3.49% and $0.19/transaction

- AMEX at the same rates!


-No Set Up Fees

-No Monthly Fees

- No Monthly Minimum Fees

-No PCI Fees

-No Contract

-The credit card reader and application are Free

-Live U.S. based customer service (unlike Square)

-Unique Merchant Account (unlike the aggregate account that is provided By Square)

If you are not sure which is the best option for your business simply contact the Merchant Doctor and they will be happy to discuss all the options for your business and make recommendations for the most affordable option available for you to accept credit cards. Although mobile credit card processing is the focus of this article the Merchant Doctor will be able to assist you no matter how your business would like to accept credit cards whether it is mobile credit card processing, online payments, or in person.


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