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Phone interview needs

Updated on July 5, 2010

During a phone interview, it is sometimes the general assumption that the interviewer doesn't know what you, the job seeker, is doing so you don't have to pull all the stops as you would during a normal face to face interview. Therefore I have outlined a few key pointers that I believe are essential to getting you from the phone and into the office for the face to face interview:

     a) Body language

What we need to realize is that our body gives out cues to indicate our state of mind while doing the interview. For example how one talks while sitting is totally different from how you talk while lying down and as such doing that interview while still in bed may not be after all a hard thing to figure out for your potential employer neither do we want them to think we are lazy bones.

Therefore it is important to be seated while taking a phone interview as this helps you focus. While standing can work for others it is not advisable because your focus is divided in trying to answer the questions being asked and trying to avoid mishaps like tripping over something on the floor.

In addition if you are happy a smile does change the intonation of your voice as compared to when you are angry and while you can not be guaranteed as to when the you will get the phone call it is important to sound happy while doing it, it gives of a sense of enthusiasm to the employer thereby increasing your chances of being called in for a face to face interview.

      b) Know your resume

Know your resume in and out because chances are that you won’t have time to search for a copy to use as a reference or even get to your computer for the saved version if you happen not to be near it.

     c) Research the company

The challenge with most job applications is that people wait until they have been called for an interview before they decide to research on the company. This thus becomes an issue when you get that phone call and you know nothing about the company for which you applied for the job.

While I do understand that one could be doing a multitude of applications per day making remembering which companies you applied to a tricky affair; then the best way to avoid this is as you do an application, have a word document open and ready, copy the link to the company's website for each application you do. Then after you are done with all the applications check out the company websites and note down the key points.

A personal trick of mine is, get one of those files that have the alphabetized sections in them and for each company data you research print out the information, file it alphabetically based on company name (that way its easier to find the location) and have it on hand. This is because if you are unemployed chances are that you will get the phone call while at home so it won’t be a hustle getting to the file and the information for the company in question. d)

       d) Environment

Phone interviews are unpredictable therefore you don’t know when or where you could get one. While getting on at home means just stopping what you are doing and switching of all appliances that could create distracting noises, getting the phone call while outside the comfort of your own home presents a challenge.

Thus it is important to find a secluded place where you can speak audibly and be able to hear the interviewer clearly without needing to repeat yourself or request them to do the same. Avoid places that echo as they could be a distraction to the interview since their job is to get the necessary


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