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Sale Phone's Freaken Heavy ?

Updated on June 7, 2012

Phone Heavy ?

by JR Hager II
by JR Hager II | Source

How Much Does Your Phone Weigh?

The whole of the industrial complex is based on one thing - Sales.
And if you're not selling, whatever it is, you're not in business.

But before the sales there had to be a phone conversation, and that is the job of the telemarketer. Without them, and advertising, a company would be out there on a shoeshine and a smile - and sink. Then why is it that they get such a bum-rap? They are the true bread winners. They are the heart of the business that initiate the customers interest. There should be telemarketer day instead of secretary day.

Lead Generator

There are three breeds of these callers that get the ball rolling. The cold caller - who deals primarily with a tangible product. These are the ones that call your home around dinner. Ultimately these phoners give telemarketing a bad name. But most homes and apartments are protected now through the phone companies these days; not because these callers are so bad, it's because they are so damn good at what they do. They are relentless, at least if they can make an adequate living at it. The second breed, like the cold caller, but this phoner has nothing to sell. This one, probably the most feared, works for collection agencies and tries to get his clients bill paid in a timely manner, of which he gets a percentage. The third breed is probably the most laid back and less of a threat than the other two. This caller only deals with businesses and schedules appointments for the sales force.

But with all three there was a time when the phone was too heavy and the caller busied himself with everything but the freaken thing. Rearrange things on his desk, reading over his script again, paging through their call list, pore more coffee, talk in the break room, use the restroom again and hope someone calls from home so they can look busy when and if the boss would happen by. To break this call reluctance many do call home or another number just to break the ice - then their next number is the real one. Then they breath easier if the line is busy or if the line was disconnected and they get a recording. But this put them back in the bag again and they have to start over with the 'self psyching.' Some people can never get over it, but the ones that do, shine on and make phoning seem like the easiest thing in the world. And all it takes is getting over one thing - rejection.

When this happens the phone becomes as light as a feather, it's all smooth sale-ing. And really they could care less what the person says on the other line. They go to the next number. Soon they will have a formula of how many 'nos' they have to go through to get a 'yes' and it will become a game to them. And with the pressure off there's no telling what they can achieve. They probably can't wait to get to work in the morning, and sorry to go home so soon. Their day at work on the phone whizzes by and they couldn't think of doing anything else. Except maybe acting, which telemarketing is a kin too. And he who has the positive self confidence and the internal certitude that he "can" and the risk ratio that he can't be stopped -he is a winner.

A winner is one who sells. No question. No debate. He/she just knows he/she's good and just simply sells. They have the look, the feel, the attitude and the ability. Brother, that's a gift. Training? Yes. Study? Yes - all necessary. But the bottom line is "knowing" your good. And nothing will bring this about faster than sales. It's the snow-ball affect. When you know it you sell and when you sell you know it.

717-721-3562 - It's not heavy - it's my phone !


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