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Placebo Enhances Creativity

Updated on November 14, 2017
Rayan Milkton profile image

Rayan Milkton, is an Architect(Software), whose hobbies include creative writing.

Traditionally, placebos are known to initiate opioids in brain, reducing pain and depression, but recent studies have shown that they could spur creativity. Some of these dummy treatments help persons to feel good and excel, in their respective fields.

Previously, placebos have been used by athletes and fitness freaks, to cycle harder, run faster, swim faster or lift weights. But now, they help in improving our cognitive skills. Recent studies, show that individuals perform better, in memory tests, when they take these dummy pills. In fact, they were even more creative with their daily routine tasks.

Sugar pills, with no active constituents, also known as performance-enhancing drugs, were helpful in many other intelligence ascertaining tests. People did far better, when they had these placebos. They were not passive or docile, but more proactive and risk-taking. Medically how this phenomenon works, is yet to be determined. Merely sniffing such dummy pills is good enough to boost a person’s confidence.

Even so, that does not mean, placebos could turn you into an Euclid or Aristotle. Individuals came up with more innovative ideas, when they had these nostrums. Scientists and researchers have recommended these fake medications to employers and teachers, to improve the performance of their employees or students. In fact, these dummy pills, would remove their mental obstacles, make them feel propped up, and goad them to do far better. Even some of the illnesses, like chronic pain could be cured by sham treatments. However, the same effect come be achieved by encouraging or praising such individuals, to recognize their innate abilities.

Can these individuals achieve something beyond the aforementioned things, like painting original art, sculpting statues, writing scientific hypothesis, perform groundbreaking experiments, organizing advertising campaigns, or designing something really spectacular ? Could these substances be used in real world without any other litigations? Will it be accepted by all ? It still remains to be seen.

Should Placebos be used as performance enhancers ?

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