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Places to Promote Your iPad App

Updated on December 15, 2012

(c) 2012 kevin languedoc (klanguedoc)

The chances of success for your app will depend largely on how much promoting you will do. Online research reveals that the apps that make to most money have hefty marketing budgets behind them. But even without a huge budget, it is still possible to have a successful app, if you know how to promote your app.

I have provided some idea leads to help you start to plan out your promotion strategy if you don't already have one.


A well planned an executed advertising strategy can help you reap create the necessary visibility. However, this can be one of the most expensive approaches. I would recommend using advertising once you have a steady stream of revenu.

There actually a few types of online advertising channels. You can go the traditionally way of purchasing banner ads or you can opt to use search advertising which places the advertisements on web pages as a result of a search query.

Banner Ads

Banner ads is a pay-per-impression type of ad where you pay for the number of impressions on a web page. This can be costly because you have to pay up front for the banner placement which is usually based on a cost per impression (cpm)

Search Ads

Search advertising is more effective since your ads are being seen by users who are searching using words that you have purchased, so the advetisement of your app will be targetted to only those users that are making queries that use words that match your ad.

1. AdWords

2. AdBrite

3. Bidvertiser

4. Chitika

5. Infolinks

6. Intellilinks

7. Pocket Cents

8. Kontera

9. Clicksor

10.Exit Junction

11. Dynamic Oxygen


Blogging is a very effective way to generate interest for your app. If you have information, tips and tutorials related to the general topic that is related to the app, it will help establish yourself as an authority on the subject matter and generate a certain level of trust with your readers. Also you can promote your app by posting tips on how to use it. I have seen developers blogging about their sales success or selling strategies which often attracts other developers who are looking for advice on how to make their app more successful in the market place.

In App Ads

In app ads are a great way to promote your apps overall if you have more than one. An in-app ad is quite easy to make actually. All you need to do is add a icon and possibly a catchy slogan on a label (UILabel) at the top of the screen or a splash screen when the app loads, but the icon is less intrusive. The label can be linked to an URL to your web site or promo/product page.

Alternatively, you could use the iAd program however the initial fee at the time if this writing is $100,000 in addition to the cost per impression. However the $100,000 price is a bargain compare to the $1,000,000 Apple was asking for when the program was first launched.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): An Hour a Day, 3rd Edition
Search Engine Optimization (SEO): An Hour a Day, 3rd Edition

This book will offer some great tips that can be applied ASO.


App Store Optimization

The App Store Optimization or ASO is a new concept in Search Marketing. The premise is to provide developers better visibility for their products in the App Store. Much like writing and publishing digital content, one of the most important factors is the title of your application. Having quirky or catchy title won't do much for ASO. Your app's title should convey what your application is or what it does so that it will show up based on user's search words.

Your company name, known as the Publisher, is another important for search optimization as is the images, screenshots and marketing text that describes your app. These should be keyword rich. The concept of keyword stuffing is still ok, for now. All of these must be search friendly. Also include videos that is search friendly by including a good portion of keywords related to your app or general search terms. The video must be of high quality and should entice would-be buyers to install your app.

Another important element in ASO is Install Ranking. The more your app is downloaded and installed, the higher the install ranking since the stats are published on the Publisher's app page, so to generate a high ranking, it is better to have a strategy that generates these high install rates

The Complete Guide to E-mail Marketing  How to Create Successful, Spam-Free Campaigns to Reach Your Target Audience and Increase Sales
The Complete Guide to E-mail Marketing How to Create Successful, Spam-Free Campaigns to Reach Your Target Audience and Increase Sales

This is an excellent to create spam free e-mail campaigns. This advertising tool works, if done right.


E-Mail Marketing

Yes, this is also known as spam, but done with taste and using a well targeted audience, this marketing tool can be very effective and is very cost effective as well, especially if you are using Opt-in or permission marketing. This concept involves sending targeted campaigns to users who have previously consented to receive promo material. These individuals are very receptive to your message and may actually read it.

Here are a few Opt-in Marketing companies that provide a variety of services including mailing list:

Novo Marketing


Sun West Group

Public Relations

Press releases is still one of the best tools for promoting a person, a product or an event. Just ask any politician. Although this form of promotion can be very costly, but effective, if you are dealing with an experienced PR person who has years of contacts ahead of them.

Another form of public relations is a web based press release distribution. These firms can distribute your press releases, for a fee, to thousands of news outlets including the social networks. I have provided a couple of places to contact if you would like to include this in your strategy and it should be because if you are sending out press releases, you won't get the same attention then if it is coming from PR firm.

PR Web

PR Log



Conferences can be very effective since you can get to know your target audience. Having a little kiosk with a couple of iOS devices running your apps that people can try is a great way to generate some buzz about your products.

You can also have a promo or a contest tie in. Conferences can be pricey, especially the large ones. Prices are usually in the thousands or hundred thousands depending on the scope and visibility of the conference. However, if you have app that fits a niche market really well, you could check out some smaller and well targeted conferences that cater to your niche market.

User Groups

I find user groups are great to get a message across to well targeted users, although you can't just start posting advertisements or you will get kicked out pretty fast. What you can do is participate in the discussion and include a link to your product page or a tag line in your signature. People will follow the link, especially if you are really knowledgeable about the subject or topic of the user group. There are user groups on every subject imaginable.

You can find user groups on Google's web site at:

Google Groups

or you can check out Yahoo groups here:

Yahoo Groups

If you have an app that is well tailored to business users I suggest becoming a member of LinkedIn groups. I have provided a link in the social network section. These work really well.

Micro Product Site

This is an important marketing tool. A micro web site is often a one pager where you can promote your app. Actually it is good idea to create the micro site even before you actually start developing your app to generate some buzz.

As an alternative to a micro site, you can have a Facebook page dedicated to your app so that you can get people interested in your app's development progress. You can post screenshots of the app and get feedback directly from the users which you can use to refine your app. Once the app is launched, you can also get followers or friends feedback on its use.

The same also applies to Google+. You can create a promo page on the site to generate some excitement about your new app. Also these pages are a great way to announce any new features or pricing promotions that you may introduce once the app is on the market.

Twitter has followed suit and now offers Twitter Enhanced Pages for Business. the link is below.

Social Media

By far social media has really transformed how we communicate with each other and the world at large. Marketing firms have embraced this new medium and incorporated these social hubs into their campaigns. I have provided links to many of the top social networks but their are many more, some of them very specialized like the Business Exchange.

I would explore these social networks to get a feel on how to prepare your marketing material for each. This is definitely not a one size fits all. Each network offers its own unique features and your promo piece should be customized for each.

Of the social networks, the one I like the best is LinkedIn. I get such a positive response from users, either from the groups I target or directly on the site on the update page. This is the social network for business and I find it works better than Facebook and Twitter combined.

How to Sell Anything on Amazon...and Make a Fortune!
How to Sell Anything on Amazon...and Make a Fortune!

This book is not necessarily to marketing for mobile apps or to marketing in general. It is intended to teach someone how to successfully sell their products on Amazon. i have included here because it provides great tips for online marketing.


Product Review Sites

Product Reviews, either done by yourself and published to your blogging site or done by others is a great way to gently promote your app, to highlight its unique features. Most online magazines and other sites dedicated to product reviews are always in search of new products and many consumers read reviews on these sites.


Podcast can be created with a variety of software and be added to video sites like youtube or uploaded to iTunes. Podcasts are a great to way to present a video of your app. There is a variety of free and commercial software that can be used to create high quality podcast.


Webinars are a super way to indirectly promote your app by providing free tutorials or training on a subject related to your app. Several vendors offer free webinar venues and more feature rich commercial versions of theie services.

Product Review Sites

The following list are some of the top web sites that will either publish your product reviews or will write a review for you after reviewing your app.

In Summary

There are tons of ways to promote your app. Be creative, how about t-shirts and other merchanding products. The marketing tools presented here will allow you to create a well rounded marketing campaign for your app. It is a lot of work, probably more than actually developing the app, but the rewards will quickly dwarf the time you spend devising a marketing and sales plan.


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    • klanguedoc profile imageAUTHOR

      Kevin Languedoc 

      6 years ago from Canada

      pat3ck, thanks for the inclusion. I will certainly include it in the list.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Nice list of app review sites. I believe you may have missed one, however, it's Tapscape. A site with a PageRank of 5 and an Alexa rank of less than 50k. Hope you consider adding it to your list.


    • klanguedoc profile imageAUTHOR

      Kevin Languedoc 

      6 years ago from Canada


    • klanguedoc profile imageAUTHOR

      Kevin Languedoc 

      6 years ago from Canada

      Thanks to you both. Much appreciated! :)

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 

      6 years ago from New York

      Another hub with extensive research. Lots of useful information here. Voted up, useful, and interesting.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Wow, you definitely did your research very well for this Hub! I definitely agree with blogging being a great way to promote products and follow the latest trends. Well done!


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