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Plan Your Social Media Marketing to your Audience

Updated on July 6, 2010

Plan Your Social Media Marketing to your Audience

The best advice on how to use social media marketing is to go at it with a plan and use good social media etiquette. A good social media plan will consist of getting in some social media training to find out how to use appropriate social media strategies for promotion, content and engagement. Once these have been learned, it’s very important to use excellent social media etiquette which will basically consist of learning the positive way to communicate with social media.

A sub-concern will be using a style that you and your audience can communicate well. We should be making choices on what form of content works for you based on what fits the way that we want to communicate. That’s going to be the way that we’re most effective. If you’re wasting time doing something that you’re not good at, you’re not going to get the best results. You could potentially get even better results if you use that time on something that’s more beneficial. This works in social media marketing and in business in general. Try to apply your strong suits to your marketing when you can and outsource when possible.

Does your audience prefer video to reading articles? Or do they like to listen to podcasts when they’re driving? Do they enjoy longer sources of information presented on blogsites or your Facebook official page or do they like to keep it 140 character count tweets on Twitter? You’ve got to think of your audience as people and not just numbers of fans or friends on Facebook. When you do post info from your social media marketing plan, you’ll want to keep it in a positive light. People don’t want to read about what a complainer has to say. Give people valuable content that keeps them coming back for more info.

Lastly, make sure that you always post positive content when you comment on someone else’s page. Stay on topic in the online social conversation. When you enter an online social situation, it should be just as if you were at a networking event and joined a group. If you join a conversation by throwing flyers at everyone, that would be the same as posting a link to a completely unrelated topic.

This brings us to online etiquette on social media marketing. When you spam people with your unrelated info, people are going to hide you, they're going to delete you or mark you as a spammer, and you might even have your account knocked away. You won’t make a sale by doing that, so don’t even try. Because social media is relatively new, the rules of etiquette are not well established. Just don’t do anything you wouldn’t do in public.

Social media etiquette also includes paying attention to details, and that involves listening. People notice whether you are paying attention and it will affect whether or not you get them into your sales funnel. This etiquette is a very subtle form of the new way to market right now, so take notice of it and incorporate it into your social media marketing plan.


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    • stevebuchalter profile image

      stevebuchalter 7 years ago from Knysna, South Africa

      Great article Doug - Its why NLP is gaing more and more credence