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Planning and its Implementation

Updated on January 28, 2015

We have always been taught that the crucial factors to get a success are- planning and its implementation. In this article I want to put emphasis on the planning part as it’s the first step on the ladder of success Taking an example of our own life, we don’t get success every time. The obvious two possibilities are either we ‘plan to fail’ or we ‘fail to plan’.

Plan to fail refers to inappropriate planning through which goals cannot be achieved. While fail to plan is setting unrealistic goals or plans which are not practical or implementable.

Roots of any plan are in its goals or objectives in terms of business language it is called target. Now the question is how to set goals or why we fail to set goals. One should always set goals ‘to do something rather than to get something’.

Now see how we set our goals. Our goals are usually to achieve something which we called as success. For instance- to get a new car, to get a top rank in the university, to earn laks or crores, to have a luxurious bungalow and so on. It’s a human tendency that we always want more and more but these should be not the ultimate goals.

If a businessman sets his goal that he wants rs.50laks turnover next year he will try his best to achieve it and at the end of the year he gets what he wanted he thinks he is successful but it’s not just as it looks like. In the market there are many businessmen same as him whom can we call a successful businessman? It relies in the goal which one has set.

It’s possible that the businessman is capable to earn more than 50lacks a year, but once he set the goal of 50laks he limited his capabilities, he restricted himself from getting more as his target was just to achieve something.

If he thought of doing something- in this case, if he thought of doing business and with the full utilization of resources and with his fullest capabilities he would have earned more than he wanted to this defines a proper goal that it involves action not achievement. If you set a goal to get something you will never get what you deserve to get.

Goals should always be in a way that it challenges your limitations not limiting your abilities.

Thus one should always decide what he wants to do not what he want to get. No matter in any field you are in, your goals/targets/objectives must aim at any activity which you want and focus on it and trust me success is at your doorstep. After knowing how to set goals I will share my views on what to be put in a goal.


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