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Plans and Consideration for Designing Your Own Small Business Facility

Updated on January 28, 2014

Facility Design Considerations

Many people think about owning their own business. I think even more so in the fitness and health industry Being your own boss, teaching the classes you like, and of course the prospect of it leading to financial independence is no doubt a major factor. Even if you’re not interested in fitness, this outline below with different phases or steps for you relate to. You can use it to prepare yourself and to plan on more than just money requirements. Many people will spend countless hours on finances but very little time on layout and design of their facility. In this article we look at major considerations in planning and those that could potentially make or break you at the start.


Brainstorming and Planning

Besides the all important business plan that should be made. This is also the time to begin organizing your design team together. This is when you plan out the facility given your square footage you have to work with. It can be a good idea to make 3 lists. First list being your “Must Haves”. Second list is your “Wants”, and finally list being wish list or space permitting. Of course you want to make sure you cover your "Must haves" as much as possible but you may not always be able to. An example would be shrinking your stretching area in return for an extra machine that you believe is needed and more important for your business operation.

Designing Stage

A pretty straight forward stage during your design journey. This stage is about taking your list and putting it down on paper. At this point the aim is to create blue prints, drafting where the equipment should go, traffic flow, lighting, choosing colors, and most importantly making sure safety legislation and building codes are followed in every aspect of the business. Don't take short cuts or reduce costs on anything for safety. It will only come back and bite you later.


Construction Phase

This phase may be the time you begin to order equipment or at least inquire on the estimated time it takes to purchase and have it delivered. It could take weeks or months. How bad would it be if you were open for business yet still waiting up to two more months for almost half of your equipment? Lastly be present and be around on the job site as often as you can. Make sure you are able while insuring you are not being over bearing and controlling though. The construction team are working and they are the professionals so let them do what they do best.

Prior To Opening

This is an exciting time since you know shortly your hard work and patients is about to pay off. However now is the planning and procedure time. At this point you begin to hire and select the staff you will need. Also looking into policies and procedures and putting these into writing along with acquiring building and work related permits that need to pass. Finally begin planning move in plan, grand opening plan, and marketing plan.

Hours Before Opening

Now its crunch time, so be ready. You will find that you suddenly have more work to be done than ever before. Now is also the time to finalize the small details and this is very important. During this finally crunch make sure everything is ready for use, and stocked. You also want to check for any last minute cleaning considerations and of course uniforms or attire of everyone is presentable.

Hope this outline helps you when you’re planning your business that and it goes on to give you a brief outline as to what you may need to think about like timeline considerations at each stage of the game.


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