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How To Plant Good Seeds

Updated on September 1, 2012

Planting Good Business Seeds

The farmer starts with good soil. I compare the soil to your group or groups of people that you will be speaking to about your product (or service). Examples are your database, twitter followers, and facebook fans. The soil is endless. The trick is to find the best soil to plant your seeds in. The only thing you must remember though is that every dud knows a stud. So even if you plant a seed in bad soil, that person may pass your seed o someone who is interested. So do not necessarily discard bad soil.

My mentor, Myron Golden, told me once, that every deed is a seed. You can either plant good seeds or plant bad seeds. We will dispose of examples of bad seeds first.

**Attending networking functions and not participating.
**Doing 100% of the talking and no listening.
**Only speaking to people that want to buy your product and snubbing the rest

You know the behavior. You have seen the people.

The thing about the reaping and sowing principle, you will always have a harvest. Let me repeat. You will always have a harvest.

When the farmer plants a field. There is always a harvest. Some good and some bad. If he plants bad seed, it will be bad. If he fails to take care of the field , it will be a bad harvest. There is always a harvest. Some people have said to me, BUT that person does all the wrong things and they always come out ok. I say, they just did not reap there just harvest yet.

Example, did you ever see a rich person who got their money by bad means. They live for a long time, but some die lonely. No friends, no family. That is their harvest.

One day, I was in the grocery store. The lady at the counter went to buy some Chinese food. She gave one credit card and it was declined. She gave another card. Was declined again. I know what was happening. She had maxed all her cards. She said, hold on, I will be right back. She was not coming back. I jumped in and gave her $20. She said she would pay me back with cash she had in her car. I said, no, take it as a gift.

Later that day, I was walking down the street and I saw a $20 bill on the street. It had come right back to me. That was my harvest, the same day.

Look at your life for a moment. See when you have planted seeds and what harvests you have had.

What does it mean to plant good seeds?

Simple. Give more than you take. It is ok to look out for yourself, but practice helping others as well. Rather than saying which product would suit you, say how may I best serve you?

Here are examples of good seeds

Have giveaways and free samples of what you do. Pass the out.
Volunteer to give free talks on what you do
Open the door for random people
Pay for somebody's coffee once a month
Give someone a sincere compliment
Talk to people about them, not you
Ask someone how you can promote their business
Retweet a promotion from another business person
Give a testimonial without being asked
Refer people on a continual basis

How often do you plant good seeds?

Simple answer. Whenever you can! I had one of the greatest compliments the other day. A lady, whom I do not know, saw me at the gym. She said you are always happy. How do you stay so happy all of the time? I said, it's easy. Why be miserable. You cannot lift up others if you are down in the dumps. The dumps stink! Life is to short to be in the dumps.

What do you want your harvest to look like? Good? Well then, plant good seeds.

When? All day long!

Where? Everywhere you go, even in your own mind!

Enjoy life!


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