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Podcasting: Finding Your Niche Market is the Key as Leo Laporte Did!

Updated on February 13, 2011

The Leo Laporte TWiT Story

Leo Laporte, a man in his 50s, loves techie stuff. He loves to be in the know. He loved it so much that one day he put together a podcast recording from his downtown Petaluma studio and broadcasted it over the Internet in 2005. He simply posted online. Perhaps a few thousand clicked on it and listened about computers, wifi, security or whatever new tech products were out. With his great radio voice, listeners loved it. So, each week he produced and released another podcast. He called it, "This Week in Tech". Laporte, was not a stranger to the tech world, as he had worked in the field radio and TV before this hobby.

That was then.

In a mere five years, his show has a loyal following of 5,000,000 listeners! He is a regular on KGO radio, which radio waves reach into other states. In 2009, he made a cool $2 million, last year, a cool $4 million. Sponsers of the show pay $40 for every thousand people that tune in online. Newspapers charge $7 per thousand. He is now expanding with the aim of becoming the CNN of technology by hiring more employees and creating more studios in his 2000 sf house at 140 Keller St in Petaluma. His podcasts are posted on the Internet and then downloaded into players or iPods and it is Apple's most popular FREE download. His new studio will allow live streaming and is planning 23 new shows for about 50 hrs every week.

So, from a hobby, he crafted what he loved to talk about, recorded them and put them on the Internet. The idea could have easily went nowhere like many, many podcasts do. It might have just stayed a casual hobby.

Now, he hopes to earn $8 million in 2011.


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