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Points to remember before purchasing Conference Folders

Updated on May 16, 2015

Business promotional items assist in building your corporate identity. So, while purchasing a promotional good like a Conference folder.You must have noticed, especially on the internet, there are myriads of companies selling a host of different promotional items. It is therefore difficult to vouch for the best available product. One of the safest bets is to order from companies which are popular or have been in the business for a considerable amount of time.

Another aspect of your purchase is the promptness of delivery. If the date for the conference is close at hand and you’re yet to receive the customised Conference folder, its unnecessary tension that you’d have to bear. The ideal suppliers immediately start off the production process after your artwork has been received and the order approved. You should clarify with the suppliers whether additional time is needed for the folders to be customised and shipped.

If you do have an in-house art department, it’s advisable to make the vector artwork like simple typesetting or re-creation of logos by your team, as it’ll be accurate and inexpensive as well. If a discrepancy arises while setting them to print or incorporating them to the conference folders, your department should be notified by the suppliers.

In case you’re new to the world of promotional gifts, the merchandisers will recommend you the appropriate folder, which is coherent with the occasion.

For the inexperienced buyer, the process can be daunting. There are countless options and hundreds of things to consider, ranging form the available budget, the kind of clients, the occasion, the price of the folders, printing choices and also the production time. Merchandisers often employ sales executives and phone operators to guide you through the process.

Some companies spend excess money on promotional gifts such as conference folders at trade shows, seminars, conferences and other special events. However, they fail to realise that they may not be purchasing the best products which are cost-effective. Most often, a dearth of time or neglecting of basic research causes these companies to finalise orders just by looking at a few items in the supplier’s catalogue or listening to a handful of suggestions. Awareness about the latest low-down in corporate gifts would obviously reduce your chances of overspending.


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