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Political Games in Private Life

Updated on September 5, 2015

Political games in Private Life

Every one is dreaming for some one - who always loves you, cares you and support you in all the circumstances in your life. But no one is recognizing all these values in you partner and every one is dreaming for some one who will never come and everyone thus forgetting to enjoy their life. As a result it will first affect your personal life then your work and ultimately you will loss yourself and your family.

How and Why all these happening and how we can solve this issues? It is a great question in the contemporary lifestyle of the people.

It is happening because of people playing political games in their life. Please don't confuse this with the real politics "The activities associate with the governance of the country." But political games are "The games playing by some one for achieving his or her targets."

What all the political games we are playing in our life?

No one in the world is perfect but most of us are not ready to accept our problems or our defects. So every one is hiding his or her problems with your partner and expecting love, care and support from your partner and also forgetting that your partner is also having the same problem.

We have to agree and understand one thing that if your partner is aware about you completely there shall be some sadness in the beginning but after that he/she will start to love you will full heart. Then you will understand that till then you were not enjoying your life.

How we can change our life?

We also should understand that we have only one life and we don't know what will happen tomorrow. So it is most important to live our life so happily today itself. When we think about ourselves we should feel happy. If we are forgetting your happiness today for tomorrow's happiness, It is sure that you will never enjoy your life. I used to hear from many people that I am doing everything for my family, I am hardworking for them, I am avoiding my happiness for them. But at the same time they are not finding time to spend with their family. So they always will have some family issues.

Our lives is to enjoy. Every movement of our life we have to find the happiness. Do you think it is possible? My answer is absolutely "YES". How?? First you should think about all your problems. Some of them may be unacceptable for you. Here what you have to do is you have to change your way of thinking. There is EGO in every one's mind. It is the thinking that you are not inferior to anyone. If we are doing some thing what will others think about me? This complex we have to remove from us. For that we have to change our way of thinking.

How can we change our way of thinking? For example your boss in your office is ordering you to do some work which is ethical but actually you are not interested to do it. Will you do it? You may do it or you will not do it. If you are not doing, Why you are unable to do it? Because your complex will not allow you to do it and if you are doing it what will you feel? Then you will feel that your soul will be wound and then you will not feel to work there. Right? You can think that who will like that work (your boss ordered you). You think that I am that person. So I shall do it. If you are doing some thing in different moods your feelings also will be different. Here what you have to do is you change your thinking. Do anything with pleasure or make your mind happy by changing your way of thinking. Think like this "I am doing this because I love my partner and I should make my partner happy so I also will become happy" or "I am doing because of I love my boss" and like find some reasons to find reasons for satisfying yourself.

You have to understand many things that you should understand yourself don't think about others - what others will think about you if you are doing something. Do only what you like. Like what you do. Make this as your motto. It is the most important thing that you should be happy. We don't want to think about others.

Always find time to spend with your family. Do everything that you can do for your family. Then you always will be happy. You will get enough time to work, to play, to enjoy, to do every thing that you like to do and always be happy.


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