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Political issues leads to turnover in a country

Updated on August 26, 2014

Country politics can effect on turnover

In a country different political issues can leads excessive rate of employee turnover. The factors that depends on country politics that can enhance the excessive level of turnover rate, these are

1. Economics

2. Labour law

3.Establishment of organization

4.Authority to anounce any organization as illegal.

5. The structure of the rulings party

6. Politicians in the political party

Economical condition in a country have a significant level of impacts on labour turnover. Any economical disaster in a country affacts in all level of the country. It have a harmful effect on industrial sector. When any employer victim economically, he tends to reduces his business staffs to reducing the costs of the industry to continuing the business. Hence, that results in employee turnover.

The poor structure of labour law significantly increases the employee turnover. Due to a low structured law, the corrupted peoples find an opportunity to crime. The system of anything concentrated to themselves who have money. The millionaires are make an influences on everything if there have a broken structure of country law.

Different political violances also creates an option that any organization will operate the business in affacted area or not. Any switching of the business location creates employee turnover.

Political structure have an impacts on turnover. If the politics in a country is based on money. The political leaders are become an intimacy with the donor group for the political publicity for next election. These kinds of intimacy with the donor group in the country affacts on the law and administration in the country. Hence, the law are passed as bill in country as not in favoure of whole people, but for a partial group of people.

Entrancing of the business man in politics in an excessive rate is increasing in a significant rate. Hence, it became a difficult task to establish a strong labour law. Hence it have been proved that they have a significant role in employee turnover.


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