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Poor Man's Guide To Advertising

Updated on March 16, 2009

Can You Afford It?

Services like Google Adwords and Facebook? Can you really afford it? Do you really have the money necessary to put forth to these campaigns? If you do then good luck with that. For those who don't, I have constructed a plan to advertise your site/company at no charge to you.

We all have an aversion for spending too much money. No one likes it, but it isn't really necessary. With this plan, you will save a ton of money. As with someone purchasing car insurance, they would like to save a lot of money. The same goes with these steps. You spend no money, compared to ad campaigns that cost money. Sure, you may get your ads placed on many sites, but there is no possibility that your site/company will succeed. With that thought in mind, why spend money with the possibility of failure, when you can do it for free.

Free Classified Ads

Classified ads could be used for more than just selling things. You can use these ads to promote your web site or company at no cost to you. Search the internet for free ad services, and you will be surprised at how many sites offer free classified ad postings. Be careful, as some sites are scams, asking for too much information, only to try and charge hidden fees. Some social web sites also offer free classified ads, such as Myspace. Keep in mind that there are millions of people online using these social networks, giving you the potential of a huge audience to your web site.

Free Ad Campaign

There are sites that offer free ad campaigns. Although the sites aren't as popular as Adwords and FaceBook Advertising, but it offers alot of traffic to those who participate in this event. A web site such as AdGridWork, which allows you to place customized ads online. All you have to do is show one of their ads on your site, and your ads will be shown on other members sites. There are thousands of members on this site, so you do the math.

Save Money With Forums

There are many forums out there. Most likely there will be one that meets your criteria. Forums generate small traffic, but it could be a difference maker. Try forum sites that match the topic of your site/company, and you may get a good amount of traffic. is a new forum site that has many features. First I would like to say that this is my site. I actually created this site last week. My site offers many ways that will help you with your advertising campaign. My site has many features that allow advertising openings. Like site of the month nominations, free wikipedia page creations, and more content coming soon. This forum site allows users to talk about anything. Speak on what you want here. There is no main subject here, just people having conversations about what they have the most interest in. A site like that is guaranteed to have many members, which offers you the best opportunity to gain extra traffic to your site. I also allow my users to share files with the other members.

Don't stick to one forum though. If you want the maximum traffic to your site, use multiple forum sites based on your topic, so that you can generate the biggest audience that you can possibly get, without spending a dime.

Recommend your site

You can recommend your site by placing a recommend this site link on your site. Not sure if many service providers offer that feature, but Tripod does. Use this link to get members and visitors on your site to recommend this site to their friends or family. It's a good way to reach out to the public because it could be a never ending cycle of recommendation.


Whether you sell it for profit, or make it available for free, you can use it to your advantage. When creating ebooks, some people post links into them, referring people to their sites. You can take advantage of this feature as well, by placing a link in your ebook and giving a full description of your web site.


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    • mr williams profile imageAUTHOR

      mr williams 

      9 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia

      When writing articles for article sites, you have to be careful not to fully advertise your site. You can post links into your work, but you shouldn't tell people that its your site, or no one will really trust it. Give a full description of the site, but don't talk about it too much, it may ruin your chances.

    • RobertHassey profile image


      9 years ago from United Kingdom

      Concise marketing man's guide to spreading-the-word on a budget. Outside of bidding on keywords or hiring an SEO expert, you've listed some helpful tips here. I particularly noted the free ebook distribution tip; when downloaded and distributed, and of course written well, the reader will naturally find and may click on the link, which would drive traffic to your site.

      On a related note, any thoughts on article submission to directories?


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