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Positive Attitudes in the Workplace - how to change the way you think

Updated on July 5, 2011

Positive Attitude Posters to keep you motivated

Are you are stuck in a job that you don't really like?

Or that you do not seem to be able to get that promotion you have been eyeing for the longest time? You feel like you put in your best and no one, not even the boss, seem to notice or appreciate your efforts. You attempt to be nice to your colleagues but you look around and they appear to continually ignore you. No matter how much you try, you have this sinking feeling that things will not improve in your work situation. This is it, you have had enough and perhaps it is time to just move on!

Do you find yourself thinking in that manner on a regular basis?

Things will not change at your workplace, my friend, not as long as you allow yourself to continue to think in this way. Perhaps you are not aware of it, but how you think is how you will act and react. Your thinking affects your attitude and behaviour, which then has an impact on how you are perceived and received by others who are in contact with you. So be aware of what you let yourself think!


What are the benefits of positive attitudes at the workplace?

Positive attitudes are generally important in life overall, but when applied to the workplace, it can help you to come to peace with where you are, how things are and help you to plan in a positive way to improve the situation for yourself. It can also work in favour for you when considered for a raise. People with positive attitudes are also looked upon as people of influence and are viewed as an asset to the company.


How you can have a positive attitude

1. Change the way you think
First and foremost, control your thoughts. Each time you are aware of yourself focusing on negative thoughts, make it a point to change what you are thinking. Every time you zoom in on how unfair the situation appears to be at your workplace, or how overloaded you are with work, or how the boss does not listen to your opinions and so forth, STOP! Do not dwell on these thoughts. Instead, look for the positive aspects of working in your workplace and celebrate those instead.

2. Be grateful
Have a spirit of thankfulness. Not everyone has a job. If you are working at a workplace, you have a job to go to, you are earning your keep. Be grateful for that. If you have colleagues whom you can learn from, be grateful for that. Should you have a computer that works and not regularly need to be maintained, be grateful for that. Be appreciative of your situation and of others at work. Ensure that you also let your colleagues know that you appreciate their help and input. Say "Please" and "Thank you" on a regular basis.

3. Promote kindness, thoughtfulness and respectfulness
Assist others whenever the situation allows and when you are able to, for example make a cup of coffee for a colleague when you make one for yourself, work together to complete a task on time, etc. Little acts of genuine kindness and thoughtfulness will attract similar actions in return. Having said all these, ensure that you are respectful of others' personal space. Do not intrude where you are not too welcomed. Assist others only when you know that your assistance will be well received.

4. Be flexible
No matter how often you may be right at the workplace, drop the 'better than thou' attitude and put on the 'I am a team player' thinking. No man is an island and if you work in a team, you will need to be move with the team. Be open-minded, accepting of others and willing to try other ideas and solutions. Tap into the knowledge and talents of your colleagues and you will be better for it - make it a priority to be known for your flexibility in the workplace!

5. No frowns allowed!
Last but not least, do all the above with a smile :) No one likes to work with a grump but if you have a pleasant and happy disposition, you will attract others to approach you. Have fun at work. With appropriate humour at the workplace, you can help ease unnecessary tensions and pressures!




All the above are driven by how you think and what you allow yourself to think. If you think that life is tough, then it is tough. But if you think that you are grateful for what you have, your genuine position of thankfulness will show through. If you think kindly of others, it will come through as well. Life is purely what you make of it. So is the workplace you are in.

By having a positive outlook at the workplace, you will generally feel happier and relaxed with your place at work. Start to love what you do - start having a positive attitude at the workplace.


Famous Positive Attitude Quotes

If you are not using your smile, you're like someone with a million dollars in the bank and no check book. - Les Giblin

Freedom is the total absence of concern about yourself. And the best way to quit being concerned with yourself is to be concerned about others. From the book Your Sacred Self by Wayne Dyer

Positive thinking won't let you do anything but it will let you do everything better than negative thinking will. - Zig Ziglar

Some of the world's greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible.- Doug Larson


Zig Ziglar Video - Attitude Makes All The Difference

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    • freemarketingnow profile image


      6 years ago from California

      How about the great people that were driven by a sense of anger? For example, if you were an African American working pre-civil rights movement, how would your positive thinking help? I think there are sometimes injustices in the workplace that cause one to be frustrated and to act on that frustration, and it's not necessarily bad.

    • May PL profile imageAUTHOR

      May PL 

      7 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      I am glad you enjoyed it. Happy to be of service :)

    • affirmations profile image


      7 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

      Thanks for a great article!

    • May PL profile imageAUTHOR

      May PL 

      7 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      Hey Shelley, Wow, thanks for your input. The quotes from Viktor Frankl are so true regarding life and I will for sure check out his book as well. Your input is much appreciated.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I really like how you have focused on the only thing any person can control - their own attitude!

      Viktor Frankl - who wrote Mans Search For Meaning was a survivor of Auschwitz and other World War II prison camps. His book is an absolute treasure for any one to read who wants to learn to live with a positive attitude - no matter the circumstances.

      Two of his quotes that I love are:

      When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves.

      The one thing you can’t take away from me is the way I choose to respond to what you do to me. The last of one’s freedoms is to choose ones attitude in any given circumstance.

    • May PL profile imageAUTHOR

      May PL 

      7 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      Thanks Treasuresofheaven for your encouraging words. I am glad to share it with you :D

    • Treasuresofheaven profile image

      Sima Ballinger 

      7 years ago from Michigan

      You did a fabulous job writing this hub. It speaks volumes, and the video with Zig Ziglar is excellent! Thanks for sharing this very insightful hub.


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