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Positivity is Directly Proportional to Productivity

Updated on July 13, 2016

Since long, researchers studying organizational effectiveness have been emphasizing upon the importance of attitude for gauging productivity and determining workplace success or failure.

A positive attitude lowers stress levels. This in turn translates into physical & mental well being, so that the worker completes the task at hand on time, satisfactorily in a focused manner. When in the pink of health and radiating positive attitude, one is more proactive rather than reactive, identifying potential problem areas and addressing them so that they don’t hinder delivery of workplace goals. Positivity imparts the belief to be sure of one’s abilities, shields against external pressures and interruptions.

Precursor to Team Cohesion & Efficiency

Time and again, the catalytic influence of a positive outlook on enhancing workplace productivity has been reinforced. It is no news that a happy worker exudes positive vibes that spill over to his/ her coworkers and reflect in their performance, while a nagging & complaining attitude brews further negativity that manifests not only in the person’s work performance but also dampens morale of the co-workers leading to diminished productivity overall. Nobody likes a constantly nagging coworker, superior or subordinate, and if such a person is part of a team, it is bound to have disastrous consequences on the team’s efficiency and performance.

A positive attitude at work determines the attitude of the people around. It attracts others to help out in one’s endeavours and works wonders for teamwork. A positive outlook motivates and inspires; it boosts confidence not only at the individual level but also at the team level. Positive attitude oozes positive energy and lightens up the day.

Such an outlook brings a renewed vigor into the team and provides momentum, encouraging the others to respond likewise. Mundane tasks and bad situations can become a cakewalk by positive team effort made by beaming & happy team members cooperating to the fullest.

Staying positive invites cooperation & support from the fellow team mates as well as from superiors, that further encourages diligent and sincere efforts from the team, leading to increased productivity. Once successful in their endeavors, all the team members transmit positive vibes among themselves and strive harder to achieve more, thereby enhancing their efficiency as a team as well as individually.

Positivity helps keep the mind open and lets creative ideas flow freely. Increased creativity aids in better completion of tasks. Consequently, it boosts the team’s morale, enhances its efficiency, strengthens it, making team members more productive, further improving the quality of their work.

A positive outlook is infectious, making the entire workplace more pleasant for everyone, and much more gets accomplished successfully. This ultimately translates into organizational success.

Ensuring Productivity- Not an Uphill Task

All managers want efficient and productive teams. But it takes more than the traditional managerial tasks to achieve that. Recent findings endorse that some behavioral practices far outdo the conventional ways to effectively achieve the desired results. Positive gestures like caring for colleagues as friends, being supportive to struggling coworkers, averting blame games, forgiving mistakes, inspiring team-mates, upholding the significance of the task at hand and above all, treating one another with utmost respect, integrity, gratitude & trust cement interpersonal relations and ensure success in team work. These practices imbibe positive emotions which enhance employees’ abilities & amplify their creativity, improve employees’ ability to bounce back from adverse situations, and encourage them to deliver their best.

Implementing such practices necessitates an effective leadership whereby the leader must uphold and exemplify the organizational values he preaches to his subordinates. Managers should solicit and act upon ideas from subordinates, turning potential complainers into problem-solvers, thereby empowering them and nurturing team productivity. The organizational culture needs to instill an altruistic and positive outlook wherein every individual stands by and promotes care, compassion, respect & gratitude for subordinates, peers & superiors alike.

Special group activities & workshops for employee well being let them unwind while bonding with each other & learning soft skills in the process. This helps them to get to know each other & connect constructively as a team, subsequently building up trust that is key to effective teamwork leading to a greater efficiency and thus higher productivity.


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