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Potential Customer Upset for Refused Service

Updated on July 19, 2013
Mad Person Because Service Refused.
Mad Person Because Service Refused. | Source

THEAMERICANWRITER - July 18, 2013 | 18:27 CST

AUSTIN, Texas - I am a person of low tolerance for pettiness. I value customer service, but only if you're already a customer. I do not beg for business. I'd rather spend my time on valuing customers who portray maturity and nothing other than that. I'd rather spend my time on positive customers than those who have negative energy. I don't typically encounter many negative people. Most are rather positive, but today one of the negative people have crossed my path and I'd like to share that experience with you as you might have dealt with such a person before in your business practice.

Service Offered Where Negative Person Encountered

I had a situation at a forum today where I was offering to get sites ranked for their target keyword in a short amount of time using nothing but clean methods. I am one I consider lazy. I do get what I need done, but I want the most simple and less time consuming way to make things happen. And in such a way that does not involve risk. I've read many things on getting ranked and can't say that I've read every method floating out there. But I had some level of success for one of the methods. And that's pretty bad considering how many methods I've read. I need to get ranked for keywords without the Google user putting "" or [] around the keyword. Let's face it, most people when they go to Google or any search engine, just type in the word or words of what they seek. They are NOT thinking about "' or other characters they need to use to find what they are looking for. The first they they use is just the word or phrase. So this is what I needed to figure out: how to get sites ranked with the first thing a person uses: just the keyword (no "" or special characters added). I figured out at least 3 ways to rank sites in such a short amount of time and doesn't require over 90% of the things that are floating around. So I ran a lot of tests before offering my services and eventually started charging to help others.

Time Is Valuable & Can't Get Back Once It's Passed

On one particular forum I offered the service just recently, not counting any other site I've promoted my services. And one potential customer (not a customer) after free consultations offered decided he/she didn't trust me. I have no clue why. But this person chose to say good-bye. And well I agreed to say good-bye. A lot of people will do whatever they can to gain a person's business. But you waste valuable time trying to convince someone who already made the decision he or she no longer trusts you. Even if it's unjustified as it was in my case with this particular person who goes by the username Dinwal. I do not know if that person is male of female so will be using him/her and that person's username in this article.

Time is valuable to everyone. Time is something we can NEVER get back. So there is no point wasting time convincing those who already said "I don't trust you" in their own words followed by "good-bye". You should spend your time on those who have no trust issues. Time is precious and extremely valuable. Often times you hear the saying, 'Time is money.' It is.


How Do You Handle These Types of People?

Well, this is what I did after reading Dinwal's last sentence in his message that read, "But I just don't believe you right now anymore, unless of course you can tell me a little more about your method. But since it is to be kept a secret I must say good bye to your services." I never told Dinwal my strategy was to be kept a secret. Not once did Dinwal ask me to reveal my methods. Never. So I am uncertain why he/she felt that way. I sent a message to Dinwal letting him/her know that I agreed to say good-bye in lengthy message that regarding trust and negative energy. And Dinwal, decided to take our private conversation and make it public on my sales thread, which is why I quoted his statement here that s/he included on my thread: it's made public on that thread by Dinwal himself. Here is a screenshot of the public message that Dinwal posted after I blocked the Dinwal username from further contacting me through PM. That is a feature provided by the forum.

Dinwal did not like I blocked him/her from further PM contact. As you can see Dinwal made our conversation public on my sales thread in attempts to hurt my sales. Immediately after Dinwal's post (before I got to address it), another forum member came to express disgust in Dinwal's post and felt that Dinwal had wasted their time reading nothing that was beneficial. In all actuality, Dinwal made him/herself look bad and lost respect by those thinking s/he posted something of value to them personally when it was anything but that.

This is how I am choosing to respond to Dinwal's behavior because it is lengthy and I don't want it on my sales thread where people are scrolling. But I have chosen to make an example out of Dinwal and how to best deal with such characters.

A Message on How I Respond to Dinwal's Public Behavior

To Dinwal: I'm a very fast typist. I type well over 80 wpm. I've been typing for decades (yea I've got some age to me - hehe) and typing for decades can only make you faster. So typing that up didn't take as long as you assume it took. I knew you were going to come on my thread once I denied doing business with you and blocked you from further contacting me through PM. Why are you causing such a fuss? It's not going to get you want you want (your sites ranked through my services). I didn't tell you to say good-bye. I didn't tell you to have unwarranted trust issues. I don't even know why you have them with me. That was all you, Dinwal. I had nothing to do with that. Had you asked what my method was before you invited negative energy into the mix, then I would have told you. I've already shared some detail with at least one person who asked me through PM. And if they come back to this thread they will attest to that. However, most people have not asked because they obviously don't care to know. They just want their site ranked through the cleanest method possible and they have chosen to trust (there's a word you have a problem with) me in what I've stated in my first post. I don't have anything to hide. And I even shared some with you but for some reason it went over your head. I don't know what EMD and whatever else you're talking about is. You just don't stop assuming stuff. Well, it won't get you want you want so you can stop already.

I have every right to turn down sites I don't feel I can get to rank. What do you want me to do, Dinwal? You want me to lie and tell you I'll get any of your sites ranked for a particular keyword, even after I said I don't feel I can? Is that what you prefer? Well, if it is, then I'm not the one. I'm honest. Period. Now if you wish to do business with someone shady, then go find them because I'm not that kind of person. Why do you think I mentioned in my first post to contact me first? Why do you think I disable the option to pay instantly for this service? You think I'm hiding something and I'm really not. But the moment you made those decisions to not trust me and the moment you said good-bye, I no longer had anything to prove to you. I don't have all of this time for negative energy through PM, which is why I refused ever doing business with you and why I blocked you.

You making public our private conversation, only reflects badly on you. How many people do you think will rush to do business or engage in any type of transaction with you after seeing what you've just done? Why would anyone trust you when you go tweaking messages sent to you and make your version of the tweaked message public? Why would you even bother posting that when it clearly shows it was first your decision to say good-bye? That's what I don't understand. What are you trying to prove in your post on my thread? Rightfully, I can go ahead and reveal your site to everyone that you've tweaked out of the message you posted from our private conversation, but I won't stoop to your level. Why did you tweak that out of the "copied and pasted" message anyway? What do you have to hide? You should be thankful I even let you know your site didn't and still doesn't load. I didn't have to share that with you. Here's some more free and honest advice: You probably don't get as much traffic as you could for that site and probably can't rank it because your site won't load. So instead of posting on my thread after you already said good-bye through PM (which everyone can clearly see based on your message here), why not choose to do something useful for yourself and find out why your site does not load? I think that is more important, don't you think? Google won't rank any site that doesn't load. It's considered wasted space and non-existent. What's the point of having a website when it won't load for people?! You posting on my thread will not change my mind. I still refuse to do business with you and for good reason. I'm a very honest person and those who do business with me, definitely appreciate that. Please, refrain from posting anymore on my thread; it is taking away everyone's time when it was you who chose to say good-bye first. I will not do business with you, Dinwal, and I will not remove the block on your username. You had one shot with me and you blew it. That's just how serious I am. Period. Had you messaged me again through PM I would have simply not responded. But since you came to my thread in attempts to make me look bad, I will make it plain. Any further posts you make after I've already said I will not do business with you, will be reported and have to answer to the forum staff. There was no reason for you to comment any further the moment you said good-bye and I agreed.

Customer Service is for Customers Only

Customer service and satisfaction is for the customer only not for potential customers; that's why it's called customer service. Do not ever beg for business. Do not ever allow a potential customer to give you an ultimatum in order to force you to give them what they want. I even had offered Dinwal a discount and thought we were on board with beginning our business relationship, but instead Dinwal hit me with trust issues that totally shocked me as I had not given Dinwal any reason to feel that way. So remember, the Internet is so huge that there are several thousands of people who are ready to do business with you without unwarranted trust issues and without negative energy. That's why I agreed to say good-bye to Dinwal. Spend your time wisely because it's something you'll never get back especially dealing with negative people. Positive people don't deserve to have less of your time. I turned this negative situation into one that will help many people worldwide.

What's Your View On This?

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    • profile image

      DP USER 

      5 years ago

      I love how you turned this into an article. I actually saw the thread this was on. Dinwal did act very irresponsibly and I know I would never want him as a type of customer. People like him we call trolls and nobody likes trolls. Thanks for the head's up. I'll definitely stay clear of "all things Dinwal". Awesome article and very well written!


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