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PowWeb: Cheap and Reliable Web hosting

Updated on October 7, 2009

PowWeb hosting

PowWeb hosting gets thumbs up for all the criteria that qualifies reliable hosting. Visit PowWeb now to find their services in detail and current deals. PowWeb email is the best in the industry and has great Powweb hosting review on the internet. I have listed some important things you should consider before choosing a web hosting plan.

Powweb web hosting review
Powweb web hosting review

Why PowWeb Hosting?

Individuals and small businesses worldwide have their own websites. Almost every name you can imagine has been registered already and the available domain name pool is diminishing rapidly. Websites are a way to present yourself on the internet. The website is the face of the small business on the internet. It is a great marketing tool in today's digital world. Once you get a domain name for yourself or for your business, the next thing is to find a reliable and affordable web hosting plan. After you design and develop your website either by yourself or by employing a professional, you need to find a web hosting company to host your website. While domain names are renewed yearly, web hosting plans can be paid monthly. There are thousands of companies that you can buy web hosting from. I personally like PowWeb web hosting and I am going to recommend them to you in this article. I have all my sites hosted with PowWeb and am perfectly satisfied so far.

Powweb hosting review

1. Price: There are so many companies that offer free web hosting. Wait, but they are not really free. If it is a hobby site, or just a photo sharing site with your family, it might be ok to choose a free web hosting plan. However, for small businesses and sites that get a lot of traffic, it is always better to choose a reliable web hosting company like PowWeb. The prices have come down so drastically you should not be paying more than $10 a month for web hosting for your small business website.

PowWeb has just one simple and powerful web hosting plan priced at under just $6 a month. I have this plan and am very happy with it. In fact, PowWeb even gives a free domain name when you buy a hosting plan. Other Web hosting companies charge up to five times more which is one reason why I am writing this positive review on Powweb.

2. Reliability: Does the web hosting company guarantee 100% uptime? You do not want to lose sales because your website is down due to your hosting company's server failures. PowWeb has a proprietary "Load-Balanced Hosting" solution eliminates all single points of failure. This is the same technique used with large corporations hosting mission-critical Web sites. Visit for more details. Another important factor to give a positive review for

3. Customer Service: Make sure you can talk to someone directly if there is an issue with your website. Powweb offers support not only via telephone, but also live chat through its control panel interface. Out of the all the web hosting companies, PowWeb provided one of the most comprehensive online help documentations. Their FAQ's, online web tutorials, online ticket system are of top notch quality.

4. Disk Space: You should choose a web hosting plan according to your needs. In web hosting lingo, "disk space or storage size" refers to the amount of hard disk space the hosting company offers for your web pages. All your documents, graphics, animations, etc. all must fit into this space storage space. If you have a lot of data on your website like tons of photos and videos, you want a bigger disk space.

PowWeb's $5.77 a month hosting plan provides unlimited disk space for just $5.77 a month. This may just be a short term promotion as it is too good to be true.

5. Bandwidth: Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that website visitors can download from a website. It is also known as data transfer in some hosting plans. If your website goes over its monthly bandwidth limit, you will need to buy more. Careful preplanning will eliminate getting into this sticky situation. Do not choose a web hosting company that offers too little bandwidth. Bandwidth offered by 10 of the top ranked web hosts range from 200 GB to 6,000 GB. One GB (or gigabyte) equals 1,024 megabytes. If you want to avoid the risk of going over a monthly bandwidth limit, be on the lookout for a web host that offers unlimited, or unmetered, bandwidth. When the sky's the limit, you know you will never run out of appropriate bandwidth! With affordable web hosting packages tailored to all budgets, you will be able to find the amount of bandwidth you need at an affordable price!

Powweb offers unlimited data transferon their $5.77 per month plan. This itself is a great reason to choose Powweb if you do not know how much traffic your site may generate.

6. Community support: Users communicate freely and openly with each other in Powweb's large online community. Join the family - it's a great place for web designers and novices alike to exchange ideas, code, advice or just hang out!

7. Satisfaction Guarantee: They do have a 30-day money back guarantee.

In my opinion, Powweb offers one of the most appealing web hosting ackages out there on the web. For only $5.77 a month with free setup, and comprehensive list of features make this host a superior candidate for your web hosting needs.

You can also search google for Powweb review or cheap and reliable powweb web hosting and other hosting plan reviews and a comparison of various web hosting plans.



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