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Mechanical & Power Plant Engineering Interview Questions And Answers

Updated on July 6, 2014

Some Most Important Mechanical Interview Question

Q.1 What is your favorite mechanical engineering subject?

Ans. You have to prepare for this question. This is basically asked for confirming your knowledge and IQ. For answering this question you have to be very careful about that. Select your best and favorite subject on which you have good command. Answer confidently.

Q. 2 What are you doing nowadays?

Ans. This is the question which express your way of spending the time. So be careful about this specially, if you are a fresher. You may tell that you are preparing for some career goal and other useful things which could express your sincerity about your career. On the other hand if you are working in any organization you can tell about your position and work experience.

Q.3 What was your project topic in

Ans. This question is usually asked to check your area of interest. Your project define your skills and your way of thinking and your understanding power. So tell the little bit basic things about your project which express the key point of project.

Q.4 How do you see yourself after five year?

Ans. This question is usually asked by the interviewer to know your interest about your profession. You have to give a valuable answer about this question. You can say that ,I will be the senior or chief person of my profession.

Q.5 What are the software you know?

Ans. In this question you can tell about the software, what you have done during the and your working life. You have to tell about models, you have done from that particular software, such as drafting, sketcher, wire frame, sheet metal, assembly, CAM, manufacturing etc.

Important And Basic Interview Questions

Q. 1 What are the major sources of energy?

Ans. Sources of energy are the objects, that provide energy in usable quantities.

The main sources are....

1 Fuels

Solid ...Coal, coke, anthracite etc

Liquid... Petroleum and its Derivative.

Gases....Natural gas, blast furnace gases.

2 Water energy

3 Nuclear energy

4 Wind energy

5 Solar energy

6 Tidal energy

7 Geothermal Energy

8 Thermoelectric Power

Q. 2 Classification of fuels.

Ans. 1 Solid (a) Primary ( woo, peat, Lignite coal).

(b) Secondary (coke, charcoal, briquettes)

2 Liquid (a) Petroleum

(b) Gasoline, Kerosene, fuel oil, alcohol,benzol, shale oil

3 Gaseous (a) Gaseous

(b) Petroleum gas, Producer gas, Coal gas, coke-oven gas, blast furnace gas, carburetted gas, sewer gas..

Q.3 What are the possible fuels used for generation of steam?

Ans. Fuels are solid, liquid,gaseous and as natural o prepared. Fuels for power plant are coal, oil,and gas, Gaseous fuels are economic when power plant is located near the natural gas resource field or gas manufacturing industries.

Q.4 What are the important coal properties relevant to boilers?

Ans. Swelling Index, Grindability,, Sulphur content,heating value And weatherability.

Q. 5 What is the proximate analysis of coal?

Ans. FC + VM+ v + A= 100% by MASS.

FC= fixed carbon, VM= volatile metal, M= metal, A= ash

Some Basic Mechanical Industries Interview Questions

Q. 1 What is a chemical fuel? How does it differ from a nuclear fuel?

Ans. Chemical fuel is a substance that release heat energy on combustion. The primary combustible fuel's components are carbon and hydrogen.

Q. 2 What is Particulate matter?

Ans. Particulate matter can be either dust or other particles which have diameter less then or equal to 1 micron.

Q.3 What is particulate emission and how it can be controlled?

Ans. Particle Emission is of two types 1 some particles which do not get down and 2 the particles which get down after emission these are the particles having diameter more then 10 micron. This particulate emission can be seen in three forms.

1 Smoke

2 Fumes

3 Fly-ash

4 Cinders

Control of particulate emission

Air filter should be installed near the industrial area.

More and more plantation. High exhaust column. Other air filtering process.

Did you like first five questions?

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The Best Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

Q. 1 What are the methods of reducing the wheel or rotor speed?

Ans 1 Velocity compounding

2 Pressure compounding

3 Pressure and velocity compounding

Q.2 What is the pressure range for a low pressure steam turbine?

Ans. The range of steam pressure varies from 1.2 to 2 atm.

Q. 3 What are the types of steam nozzles?

Ans. These are of two types

1 Convergent-divergent type nozzle

2 Convergent nozzle

Q.4 What is boiler efficiency?

Ans. Boiler efficiency is the ratio of heat actually utilized in generating the steam to the total heat supplied by the fuel in the same period.

Q. 5 What is the purpose of feed heating in turbines?

Ans. The purpose of feed heating in turbine is to reduce the waste of fuel and hot flue gases. By doing this efficiency can be increased up to 2-5 %.


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