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Powerful Australian Women: in business and politics: two great examples

Updated on January 3, 2012

Women will make the difference in our global future

As our world evolve we see women taking their rightful places in the decision making processes that will, hopefully, secure the future of our globe. It appears that we may be at a critical point in the history of the world, where the act of making more great mistakes may cause us a decrease in the quality of life, as we know it, on our planet. We narrowly avoided a recent economic collapse that would have caused adversity on the level of the Last Great Depression. It was only a few years ago that the incidence occurred and we are still suffering from its ill effects, though we are slowly recovering. It will take our brightest global citizens, both women and men, from all the earth's continents, working together, to secure the earth's future. There is no place for foolish pride, on the part of leaders "riding shotgun over" the world's nations. This is not a time when we can allow neurotic gun-men in the streets to walk up to our finest politicians and shoot them in their heads. I have a dear friend whose daughter, an extremely bright and beautiful lady, is in college preparing herself to be a pharmacist in the future. I think to myself, "she is a very intelligent, gifted, and caring person. She would have made a great leader in the Congress of the United States of America, or she would have made a great Governor, or Federal Judge, or she could have been a leader in other areas of government. As a matter of fact, she could have been anything that she wanted to be. But at least, as a Doctor of Pharmacy, hopefully, she has chosen a career path, that decreases her risk of being shot in the head."

This Hub looks at two great women in the Global Community, one a Head of State, and the other a Business Leader. My Hubs are intentionally written short, 500 to 600 words usually, to allow a reader to easily read them in one setting. Therefore, the next 200 words or so will be spent introducing these two women, the prime minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, and an Australian business-woman, Gina Rinehart.

Julia Gillard, the Australian prime minister, is a very effective leader. The last two Australian prime ministers (she being the latter), have struggled to get a mining tax passed through their parliament. The last prime minister, Gillard's predecessor, Kevin Rudd, lost his position in government (that is, he lost his job) because he was trying to get a 40% tax plan, on mining profits, passed. However, Julia Gillard is making some progress on getting a 30% tax plan passed. As mentioned above, the details of this Australian political drama goes well beyond the scope of this Hub, but the fact that Julia Gillard is orchestrating this delicate political situation speaks highly of her abilities to lead her country. There are other issues such as defense problems involving her Asian neighbors, which causes leaders to worry, losing sleep in the night.

In the field of business we have Gina Rinehart, who took over her father's troubled, and problematic mining empire and "kept it afloat" with her strategic planning, until the business quadrupled her wealth, a year or so ago. She is worth more that $9 billion dollars today, and is Australia's richest person. She is a 57 year old lady who has built a business that has a cash flow of nearly $2 billion dollars a year. She is the second richest woman in all of the Asia/Pacific region (just behind the "steel" and "powerful" business matriarch, Savitri Jindal, of India).

This lesson has been intended to stand as "Hub Number Two," from the Mamushi Business School. The case history contained two great Australian women, Julia Gillard and Georgina Rinehart, presented as examples, for all girls and women who aspire to be leaders, in business, politics, or in other undertakings.


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