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Making Adsense Alternatives Work for You

Updated on March 26, 2010

Is there Really and Alternative to Adsensse that will Make you Money?

The information here will give you more insights about revenue opportunities to make money online that can help you increase your own income. If you are the kind of person that learns better from reading how someone else is making money their methods and experiences then this is for you… if not then you probably won’t be interested in what is written here.

And if you are short on time or not interested in knowing “why”… then just get an Adsense Account and you can skip the rest of the Article. But If you want to learn about Adsense Alternatives that might work for you then keep reading. Online Marketing is my Career, I own my own company, and I’ve been paying all my living expenses for more than 7 years now working full time from my home office.

I’m not going to say that everyone can make money – full time money – working from home just because you learn how to implement Adsense. But the opportunity does exist if you educate yourself, create a business plan, and execute your plan.

I’m not going to tell you how great some alternate to the Adsense Program is and why you should go and sign up. I’m going to suggest you really consider “why” you are looking for an alternative to Adsense. Because in my experience with Adsense – dating back to 2003 when it first came out – has been excellent. So good in fact that I can tell you unequivocally that if you can get an Adsense Account… get it. And if you are not making money with Adsense don’t blame Adsense, and don’t rush out looking for an alternative… take the time to figure out why.

Adsense is the “King” of Contextual Advertising Revenues for Content Publishers for a Reason.

The reason is quite simple Google owns the mindshare of both the Advertiser and the Customer (Ordinary Internet Surfer). For this reason alone they can crush the competition. With Adsense the pond is stocked with Advertisers. With other programs there are some little fish swimming around in the Advertising Pool, but customers are not that interested in "little fish"... they want the big catch!

Think about this for a moment and what it really means. If a person want to search for something about 70% of the time they will go to Google and “Google it”. So right from the start the competition is at a huge disadvantage. And Advertisers know this… so they do the “smart” thing and advertise where the customers are. That’s marketing 101 – find out where your customers go for information and put yourself in front of them. About 20% of the time they go to Yahoo and less than 10% of the time to Bing, or Ask or some other search. As a publisher trying to earn income it just makes sense to work with companies that have a large pool of advertisers.

Let me give you an example. Lets say a person wants to find “Oriental Rugs”. They “Google it” an up come 11 Advertisements for Oriental Rugs… a map of the searchers local city including places they can purchase Oriental Rugs locally, and 8-10 “Organic Search Results”. The customer invests 10 seconds in “Search Time” and is rewarded with a plethora if information opportunities.

Now contrast this to a program like Kontera or WidgetBucks or Adbrite or Yahoo Publisher Services. All good programs in their own right – all of which I have tested, and continue to use and promote. But these “Adsense Alternatives” are not real competitors to Adsense because they do not have the Advertisers on the Backend willing to pay out big bucks to get the customer clicks!

Did you note the part where I said I have “tested” these programs? I have tested them over and over… and they pay a few cents per click at the most. Whereas Adsense can pay several dollars per click if you do it right. In the past month I have had several clicks in excess of $3 per click. And for you Hubbers I’ve had hubs pay in excess of $3 per click!

Lets go back to our Oriental Rug search. I just loaded up my keyword research tool (I’m using keyword research pro) which accesses Google Data and take a look. “Oriental Rugs” is pulling about 30,000 searches per month global. There are millions of page occurrences for the term. This is a highly competitive phrase. Advertisers are willing to spend $3-5.00 per click. If you know a lot about Oriental Rugs you may want to write a Hub About it! This is one of the keyword phrases that you can really dig into deep for long tail results!

Now lets get back on point. If you have a large market and plenty of advertisers and advertisers willing to spend – you as a publisher have a great opportunity to make some significant money from Adsense! I’ve written a hub previously with tips on how to leverage keyword research.

So What about Adsense Alternatives? Are they Real? Do they Work?

Invariably there will be people unhappy with the revenue performance so they blame Adsense. The harsh reality is it is simply not Adsense it’s the publisher content and presentation. I can not tell you how important it is for you to recognize the “problem” is not Adsense, it’s content, it’s delivery, it’s display, it’s market niche, it’s something else. You can make real money with Adsense and you are so much better off learning how it works, testing, and keeping at it than abandoning for the “Mythical high paying alternative”.

I’ve been working with Adsense since 2003 when it first came out. And in that time I’ve had millions and millions of impressions and made an obscene amount of money. I’ve been very happy and grateful for the money that Adsense has sent my way. I say this not to boast, but to put in perspective what I am about to discuss with you about “Adsense Alternatives”.

True Adsense Alternatives would be those companies that offer opportunities in the contextual advertising space. This means you install a piece of code on your pages and the company does the rest by displaying relevant ads and rewarding you with a payout per click on the advertisements your visitors click on. While it would be technically correct to say that affiliate models like CPA offers or pay per sale offers would be “alternatives”… they are not within the scope of this discussion.

What if You Just Can’t Get an Adsense Account?

Then you should consider these programs:

  • WidgetBucks
  • Adbrite
  • Kontera
  • Yahoo Publisher Network

Yahoo Publisher is similar to Adsense and for me the 2nd best performing pay per click model. It’s been in beta for years, and is very hard to get accepted into. They take their sweet time reviewing small publishers applications. Unless you have serious traffic they probably won’t even consider you. This program is in limbo and could be axed when the Yahoo/Bing merger takes place. But it’s worth a shot.

Adbrite is a decent program in concept allowing you some leverage in selecting your minimum acceptable payout. The problem again is you need to have serious traffic and reputation. Advertisers will not bid on your site unless you do. So it’s pennies if you are lucky, and nothing if you are not. You should take a look at Adbrite and read how it works before you jump in.

Kontera – I actually really like Kontera as it does a good job of matching content to ads in an unobtrusive way. The payouts are small per click, but it’s a great way to get a little extra income out of large sites that are very content driven. Keep in mind with Kontera or any pay per click model once your visitor clicks the page does not open in a new window, so your visitor is essentially gone. Is it worth sending your visitors a way for a penny or two?

Widget Bucks – similar to Chitka, but with a nicer interface and better implementation in my view. Still you’ll need to really focus on products and placement to make even a small amount of earnings.

These are good programs, but do not offer anywhere near the revenue potential of Adsense. Let me say that again in simpler terms. You can make money with these programs, but not as much as with Adsense.

I have more advice on these programs for those of you who are genuinely interested on my Internet Marketing Blog. Keep in mind I like to write about things I know about and not just promote some fluff because it’s popular. I am a publisher for all the Above programs. I use them… I have experience with them… I have tested them. And Adsense will make you more money – period.

If You Can Not Participate in Adsense Focus on Affiliate Offers

Affiliate marketing will make you more money than any contextual alternative if you can leverage true marketing skills and create a solid presentation for your customers.

Focus on Affiliate Opportunities. Find your niche and sell products. I have done remarkably well over the years selling printer ink for other companies. I’ve written about Affiliate Opportunities I think anyone can promote here Affiliate Marketing opportunities are more lucrative than Adsense. But if you are the kind of person that loves to write and hates to market, then Adsense is the program for you. Learn how to leverage Adsense properly and cash in. Make it work for you!

Comments Welcome - share what you know, what you want to know, what you believe.

Confused about Adsense Alternatives?

Wouldn't it be great if there were other programs that were as easy to implement and paid as well as Adsense?
Wouldn't it be great if there were other programs that were as easy to implement and paid as well as Adsense?


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    scheng1 8 years ago

    Great advice. Adsense is really the best for bloggers using

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    michael1mars 8 years ago

    This is very interesting and very well detailed nice joib!!!

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    ActiveY 8 years ago

    I have some really great results with Kontera and totally agree with you

    Anyways, nice hubs