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Updated on March 15, 2019

Preceptions of bloggers and people who work from home

Everyone needs to work to live life the way the want, and when people work they make money which they need to live a life and get by. What if you want to work from your house is that considered work, There a limitless number of jobs that people can do from home. Again is that considered work? Well maybe to you it is What happens when you tell people about it. When you tell people you work from home, or that you are a blogger there automatic reaction is what is that? Being a blogger isn't work because you aren’t leaving your house. Do you actually work if you are at home? These are the things that go through people’s minds when you tell them that you are a blogger or that you work from home more so if you work from home. If you tell people you are a blogger, they don’t think that is a job at all. They think that you have limitless amounts of time to sit around or clean or do other thin when in reality you don’t. Working at any job is limitless even if you are a blogger, you are still working limitlessly.

People think that bloggers or people who work from home don’t get much work done or they have all the time in the world to do other things. You can work later, it doesn’t matter when it gets done. Or at least that is what the perception is. If you work from home or are a paid blogger you are still working. There are limitless things bloggers need to do to continue blogging. There are also limitless things people who work from home need to do in order to stay working from home, you have to work and make the money in order to sustain yourself so you can continue working the way you are. You might have more time to go out shopping whenever you want because you work from home or are a blogger why is that? Well, you organize your time into okay I am going to work eight to ten hours today and then tomorrow I can go shopping and work after. Your life is completely scheduled when you work from home or are a blogger because you are your own boss. So yes it is a schedule you set for yourself, but you also realize that if you don’t do that, then you won’t get paid. If you are a blogger you are always thinking of the next great post to write for your blog and you are always thinking of editing previous posts, at least that is the way I think about it.

When you talk about what you do in a day with a friend or family member what you do in your day what is there response? They think that you don’t do anything right? Well, why not show them what you do in a day. They might not like to see it but, it might make them change their mind about your job. But we have to remember that most of these perceptions are from people who don’t see what you do every day. They are the ones that work outside of the house and they think that working outside of the house is the only way to actually make a living.

Well if you work from home, and get paid for the job that you are doing at home then hey that is work. Right, what about blogging if you get paid to blog then you are working, sure you are working from home and people might not think that you are working, you have to show them that you are. Showing people that blogging and working from home is a job is one of the hardest things to do. When you talk to people about you being a blogger or that you work from home what are the looks you get? People give you that look like oh your life is so easy, you never have to leave your house.


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When you work from home or as a blogger is your time limitless?

Your time is limitless when you work from home or a blogger right? Wrong that perception is completely false. Although that is the perception that other people have with your job but it is false. I can’t stress that enough, your time is not limitless if you are a blogger or if you work from home. You still have to get work done, in order to get paid and pay the bills. Sure you can make your own hours, but you also have to be very dedicated to the job and not get distracted. Working from home and being a blogger can cause a lot of distractions because you think hey I can do whatever I want I don’t have to work today, but if you keep that mindset what work do you get done. When people hear that you work from home or are a blogger that is what they think, but the reality is yes you make your own hours but you are very dedicated to the job, because you know what hours of the day work for you and you know how to manage your time, between work and play.

People may perceive that people who work at home or people who are bloggers for a living don’t get anything done. Why not show them what you do in a day? They might be surprised if that question comes up and you say, why don’t I show you what I do? You then can show them the amount of work that you actually get done in a day at home, if people don’t see what you do in a day people don’t believe that you actually get anything done. When do you say that you work from home or that you are a blogger to people what the first reaction is there? Well, that’s easy, that’s not a job, or show me and then maybe I will believe you. So when you are a blogger or someone who works from your house, you are showing people numerous times that you actually do work, in order for them to believe that you actually do have a job.

Their perception of you will change after they are shown a number of times that you, in fact, do work from home and get something done. People’s perceptions of working at home and having a blog are all different and they change from time to time, that is why you might have to show them what you do a number of times in order for them to stop saying oh you don’t work you just sit at home and do nothing. How many times have you heard that, when you talk about working from your house or working on your blog if you have one? You have probably heard this a number of times, and are getting sick of hearing it, so why not show them what you do and see if that changes their perception of you. That is one of the only ways that it is going to work. If they continue to say things don’t get discouraged if it is something that you are passionate about then keep it up it’s your life not there’s and you are the one that has to live it always remember that.

Sure people may have their own perceptions of your life, but who has to live that life? You do and you can live it any way you see fit so if you want to be a blogger why not be a blogger, if you work from home why not work from home it’s what you want, and you should not change just because someone doesn’t like it.

A great quote for bloggers and people who work from home
A great quote for bloggers and people who work from home

working from Home is not as easy as it looks

Being a blogger or working from home takes a limitless amount of time because you have to be very disciplined and dedicated to your work. If you aren't then nothing is going to get done which means you won't get paid, and that is never a good thing when you are trying to live a life and pay bills. Blogging and working from home is work, it might not seem like it but in order to get your blog posts read, you have to write them and edit all the time to make them relevant. If you do another job from home you have to make sure you do it or you won't get paid. Sure it might seem like you have a limitless amount of time to do other things but in reality, you don't you just know how to manage your time differently because you work from home and can make your own hours instead of working in an office where you hours are set.

What do you think of bloggers and people who work from home let's discuss

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