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Prepare Yourself to Hunt for The Suitable Jobs in Bangalore

Updated on August 22, 2014

The Initial Struggle

The very first morning I woke up to, in Bangalore seems pleasant. A perfect balance of sunshine and a cold breeze, which was a bliss for a delhiite, who fought the heat every day. Everything from setting up a new house and finding a job seemed to be a challenge. Just a few friends and a hope that Bangalore is warming city, full of opportunities, I had nothing in my mind. Soon, I found myself surrounded with a lot of mess to be cleared in my very own new house. Luckily, the friends knocked the doors and a huge help was extended to get things done. The only thing that now bothered me was to get myself a suitable job in the city.

Before I moved to the Silicon Valley, all I was told about it by every random person was that the city has the most alluring jobs and so, I was excited enough to explore it more. I made up my mind to first scroll through the kind of opportunities Bangalore holds and the industries that are prominent here. I did my share of research to know all of it. From talking to the folks, who knew all about Bangalore to the online data available about the city, everything was on my list.

Explore jobs in Bangalore

Bangalore presents itself as a fulfilled city. So, do grab the choice, if given to move to Bangalore to explore jobs.
Bangalore presents itself as a fulfilled city. So, do grab the choice, if given to move to Bangalore to explore jobs.

The Job Demographics in Bangalore

Soon after I decided to first explore the job trends in Bangalore and the city's job market, I was looking for the number of jobs created here, the major industries, the leading employers and a lot more. All of these seemed significant to me. A few hours of research made me know all about the city's job demographics and so, a thought of sharing the curial details struck my mind. So, here is a brief on the job creation in the city, commonly known as the 'Silicon Valley of India'.

The last few years have been adding well to the fortune of job seekers in this Indian city. The major contributors to this scenario have been the global IT (Information Technology) companies setting up in Bangalore, the start ups, and business consulting firms. Besides, the other sectors like management, education, retail, hospitality, and biotechnology too are considered prominent.

As per the data compiled by the Assocham (The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India), Bangalore was among the cities ensuring 4 percent year-on-year growth in new job creation whereas the overall hiring had declined during the period. Further, if we consider the recently recorded data, Bangalore is the second leading city to create new hiring positions in the first half of the year 2014. As per a survey conducted by the Assocham, Bangalore was on the second rank with 38 percent rise in the new job creation. Hiring in IT/ITeS companies have made a major impact on these figures. The hiring in IT/ITeS companies witnessed a surge of 43 percent during the prior of January to June. This puts forward a gleaming picture of the job market of the Silicon Valley of India. So, why not explore it more?

Explore the most alluring job opportunities in Bangalore

Infosys Office Complex in Bangalore
Infosys Office Complex in Bangalore | Source

Do you think Bangalore serve professionals from other industries such as retail, digital media & others equally well as IT?

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Some facts about the city

Bangalore is one the hotspots in the country. It has the best opportunities in IT, retail, biotechnology and many other sectors. The below detailed facts will help you update your knowledge base about the city.

  • Owing to its IT potential, Bangalore is called the Silicon Valley of India.
  • Garden City of India and Pub Capital of India are some other titles given to this Indian city.
  • Bangalore houses more than 900 IT firms.
  • The city employs over 35% of the IT pool in the country.
  • The city every year keep adding to its new job opportunities, most of which belong to IT/ITeS.

The Job Sectors in Bangalore

While we talk about Bangalore's job sector, the first thing flashing in our minds remain the IT (Information Technology) jobs. The prominence of IT industry in this city is known to everyone. Over the years, this sector has kept on expanding and so do the number of IT professionals dwelling in the city. For most of the young graduates, the ideal setting remains Bangalore, where the best jobs are said to be prevailing. However, Bangalore has a lot beyond IT, it holds the potential to lets you explore many other industries and jobs. Many of you, who do not belong to the IT sector would love having a look at the following section, where I have detailed the other sectors and the employers that you can consider working with.


Also known as the Aviation Monopoly of India, Bangalore accounts for more than 65% of the aviation business in the country. The city houses the R&D and engineering centres of the leading aerospace companies including Boeing, Airbus, Goodrich, Dynamatics, Honeywell, GE Aviation, and UTL. The city also is home to the headquarters of The Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL).


The city's retail industry too has grown manifolds in the last decade. It is one of the major cities of India and the retail market here compliments this fact quite well. The leading retail brands like Reliance, More, Big Bazaar, Spar, Globus, Lifestyle and Westside mark their existence in the city, whereas the international brands too have developed their target segments within the city. This calls for better opportunities for sales and marketing professionals in Bangalore.


The description of Bangalore's job market has to include a mention of biotechnology. It is one of the major sectors that create alluring jobs in the city. A huge percentage of the total biotechnology companies existing in the country are based here. The talent pool in biotechnology can surely look forward to the jobs being created in the city. Some of the leading companies operating in this sector in Bangalore include Novo Nordisk India, Biocon, Ranbaxy Laboratories, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd., GlaxoSmithKline, Biocon Ltd.


The Silicon Valley houses many engineering, management, medical, and other institutions. Some of the eminent institutions in the country based here include International Institute of Information Technology, Symbiosis International University, National Institute of Fashion Technology, and National Law School of India University.

Bangalore, the hotspot for job seekers

UB City in Bangalore
UB City in Bangalore | Source

Leading employers in Bangalore

Bharat Electronics Limited
Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL)
HCL Technologies Ltd.

Average Salaries in Bangalore

Research well about the average salaries offered in Bangalore.
Research well about the average salaries offered in Bangalore. | Source

Average Remuneration

Bangalore is one of the hotspot when it comes to job creation. The city's job market serves professionals from varied sectors. Be it a fresher, or an experienced professional, finding a job in Bangalore isn't a tough task. But before you are on the job hunt in the city, you should explore all the related prospects such as average salaries. To help you get this done, here is an analysis of the average remuneration offered for varied professions.

If we consider the annual pay scale of a software engineer, he/she earns Rs 407,943 per year on an average, whereas the annual remuneration for a senior software engineer in Bangalore is Rs 698,758 per year. A project manager in IT (Information Technology) can expect to earn more than Rs 10,00,000 per year, whereas a SAP Consultant can aim for an annual package of Rs 616,497 per year.


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