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Prepare to be Prepared.

Updated on August 22, 2012

Discover your Best.

Prepare to show your best.
Prepare to show your best. | Source

Professionalism and Commitment

Best professionals are always well prepared, start from conversations, meetings, presentations and so on. Prepared person presents a good image of himself as well as for the company and there it goes making your client feel important. Without commitment we cannot achieve even small success, we cannot give our best to the organisation and without commitment we cannot turn our vision into reality. Preparation and commitment follow each other.

Out of personal experience here i'm sharing a small example, Imagine going to a doctor and you have to repeat everything you had discussed in the earlier meeting that had taken place few weeks ago. On the other hand, when your doctor begins by saying, 'The last time we spoke i advised you to walk daily for not more than 20 to 25 min also prescribed you some vitamins and iron tablets..' you know that you are in safe hands, and you get a confidence that your doctor is the best. Now in other scenario, think when you have to explain your problem to a customer service and when you call a toll free helpline number of any sevice provider, you will feel less irate , you get better service and walks away satisfied provided when you didn't have to repeat your problem.

Before the restaurant opens a professional manager will go over his meeting points and share with his sub ordinates to deliver best service to guest. Same as a professional sales executive will go over his/her notes from a previous call before visiting a client. Which is why is also important to take notes in a meeting and have them handy for the next one. It is also important to circulate minutes of an internal meeting, if you are responsible for the meeting. It plays a key role in the success or failure of organisation. When you buy a property you do research about the builders, facts and figures and then you invest, same as Client will see facts and figures of company and then he will join hands. I would never meet someone without having reasearched on him. And thanks to our techno generaration where everything have made easy you can google or wikipedia , you can visit company website and check your infos. Spread the same culture to your fellow workers or who are working under you to make efficient and quality team.

When u work really hard and spend some time thinking and preparation for a meeting, the message reaches before you step in the meeting. Out of my managerial experience i've learned to manage volume ,also you be prepare and make your team also prepare. This quality to do what you have said you will do, in the time you have committed to must apply to the smallest tasks in your life. Our day to day life is of professional and filled with commitment, work is not that seperate of life just we need to balance. Tomorrow's professional must have a beacon like still there presence counts in world. Be an inspiring refrence to others and you will achieve excel in your field.


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