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Preparing For Strong Winds And Heavy Rainfall

Updated on July 18, 2011

Down in the subtropical climates of the Gulf States the need for building storm protection into the design of a house has become a way of life. For builders and homeowners that are exposed to the sometimes violent hurricanes and tropical storms that buildup in the Atlantic Ocean and cross Florida into the Gulf of Mexico only to gain momentum and head inland threatening the houses that are in the southern states coastal region, the need for quality and durability are an essential part of the home building process. Even thought homeowners in the hurricane and tornado belt carry additional homeownersinsurance coverage to protect themselves from the gale force winds and heavy rains that accompany the strength of a hurricane. By taking a proactive approach to their home protection many people living near the Gulf of Mexico are installing metal roofing options to give added strength to their homes and reduce the damage that comes with the threat of a tropical storm making landfall.

People living in Louisiana know all to well what kinds of damage can be done by the hurricanes and tropical storms that pelt the coastline cities each year. In 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana hard, tearing roofs of houses and leveling trailer parks in the southern port city of New Orleans. Even before the hurricane hit people living in Louisiana planned and prepared for the eventuality of a hurricane as best they could. While some were prepared for the August storm, many others were not sufficiently ready to brave the impending high winds and rains, and left things too late before the hurricane destroyed their homes.

Almost five years later the people of New Orleans have not completely recovered from the fateful effects of Hurricane Katrina, but those that are rebuilding the port city have been using metal roofing to reinforce the homes and structures from receiving further damage from future storm threats. ThroughoutLouisiana Metal Roofingis replacing the traditional singles that adorn many of the states homes. By interlocking the tiles of a metal roof in four different ways the metal roofing solution is proving to be a strong and durable replacement to the tar, wood, or asphalt that is used in traditional shingle manufacturing.

Designed to take the abuse of the elements, metal roofing is fabricated to resemble either cedar or slate shingles, giving the roof a natural look that is indistinguishable to the naked eye, from the materials that the metal shingles are based on. Given that the metal roofs carry a lifetime warranty homeowners in Louisiana, Texas and Florida are using the storm resistant solutions to build homes that can withstand the violent storms that are common to the Gulf States. In Louisiana metal roofing solutions are being used in both new and existing construction of homes and office buildings to provide ongoing storm protection for public and private buildings and residences.

Even though there has not been another storm as big of as life threatening as Hurricane Katrina was in 2005, there are a number of hurricanes and tropical storms that make landfall each year and do damage to the cities where the storms come ashore from the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. With the replacement of a traditional roof to an upgraded metal roof the homes that are exposed to the torrential rains and gale force winds of tropical storms are able to withstand the impact of the elements that have torn lesser quality materials apart. But durability and strength are not the only advantages offered by the installers of metal roofing solutions. Because of its unique four-way interlocking ability residents within the state of Louisiana are discovering that the metal roofing shingles that have been used to replace their older roofs are also providing lower energy costs as the people of Louisiana are discovering that the metal roofs are energy rated by the EPA and are able to reduce the costs of heating andair conditioningbecause in the state ofLouisiana metal roofingreplacements are saving electricity and that translates tosavingson utilities.

By insuring a snug fit through the professional installation of a metal roof the citizens of Louisiana and other Gulf states are finding that the custom fitted metal roofing systems are able to eliminate moisture build up and wind uplift that are commonly seen in asphalt shingle roofs that are exposed to heavy rains and strong wind. In Florida the there is a strict hurricane protection approval rating for building materials that are used in the construction of houses. Because Dade County is located on the Southeastern portion of Floridas peninsula, the cities of Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Homestead are particularly vulnerable to the ravages of tropical storms that blow in from the tropics of the equatorial Atlantic Ocean. With the amount of damage that has been done over the years Dade County has reformed and adopted its own guidelines for storm protective building materials. After the damage caused to residences in the Dade County city of Homestead in 1992, by the category 5 Hurricane Andrew, the country enacted stricter building codes for materials that can withstand the force of high winds that can be as strong as 120 mph. Doing $30 billion plus worth of damage to the communities of the Bahamas, Southern Florida and on to Southern Louisiana, Hurricane Andrew was the worst storm to hit land in 22 years. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina surpassed the damage done by Andrew as the worst storm in a century to make landfall.

Although category 4 and 5 storms are rare, there is no telling when such large tropical hurricanes will form or where it will leave a wake of destruction once it makes landfall. By being proactive and prepared the residents of the Gulf States can keep their homes in as ready condition as possible. In Louisiana, metal roofing systems are already being installed to meet the expected winds and rains of the storm seasons that build up in the Gulf of Mexico, and ensure that the residents of that state are as protected as they can be. In other states along the gulf coast there are homeowners that are also following suit and installing metal roofing systems that not only look good, but protect the homes from the severe weather that occasionally makes big news as it ravages the asphalt shingles and rearranges furniture in the houses that are not built with the highest quality roofing solutions available.


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