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Preparing for the Secretary Exam to Become a Civil Service Secretary

Updated on January 24, 2012

The federal and state governments often require candidates for civil service secretary positions to take a secretary exam. A number of study guides are available to assist secretarial job applicants to improve their scores on the secretary exam.

The terms "civil service exam" or "civil service secretary exam" are frequently used generic terms. The fact is, however, the exam you have to take to become a civil service secretary can vary widely. The federal government and all states have the authority to set the testing requirements and even create their own exams for secretarial jobs in the public-service sector.

Thus, the first thing you want to do is find out exactly which test you have to take. In some cases, you will also get specific guidance from the prospective employer or related government agency as to what to study for your secretary exam.

With that said, there are a large number of study guides out there that may use the generic terms "civil service exam" or "civil service secretary exam" for marketing purposes. These guides, while generic in nature, do tend to have the kinds of information you will need to know for written secretary exams administered by government agencies.

You can also check with public libraries to see if there are some civil-service study guides for use by secretaries. For example, the Louisiana Department of State Civil Service has created its own study guides and makes them available to Louisiana public libraries. Ask your prospective employer (perhaps the Human Resources office) for additional information on the possibility of obtaining a local study guide for any secretary-related civil-service exams that you have to take.

If you search online for "civil service secretary exam study guide," there is no shortage of small companies that have produced guides. Just be aware that some of them may not have the same diligence at creating effective study materials for secretary tests as the major exam-prep publishers like Arco and Barron's. You can also usually find guides from these major publishers in the bookstores, as well.


State Library of Louisiana: Finding Study Guides for State Civil Service Exams


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