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Presenting Your Consultancy Plan

Updated on May 26, 2011
JTG Team of the Year
JTG Team of the Year

Board Presentation

In the past week I completed my final assignment in my MBA. This was a presentation to a Board of Directors on potential business plan activities that the organisation could consider. Prior to the meeting I spent some time re-reading texts on presentating and spending time practising my presentation. Here are my recollections and tips for preparing to speak to a new audience, especially a Board of Directors.

This week I presented to the Club Board myfindings and recommendations from the business plan project for the MBA course on 'consultancy services'.

How Did I Feel?

There were a number of emotions that I was feeling. One was relief that this is the conclusion of the course and of my MBA. Another was trepidation in that this was the first time I had presented to a Board in 4 years and the final emotion was nervousness because I hoped that they liked my work and that they did not ask challenging questions.

What Do I Think?

In preparation for the presentation I reviewed my notes from the course and my readings, especially on presentations. Wickham and Wickham (2008) provided me with solid advice:

  • During the presentation to use good body language, posture, gestures and facial expressions (p.263)
  • Rehearse and practise the presentation beforehand (p.271)
  • Be prepared for questions and objections during the presentation and develop statements and methodology to handle these (pp.272-3)

During the presentation I ensured that I kept eye contact with the Board members, was clear and concise in my speech patterns and remained relevant. I could tell from the non-verbal feedback that I was engaging with my audience, which was my goal.

What Lessons Have I Learned?

  • Good preparation and practise will mean a good presentation and achieving the objectives that you have set
  • Using the Wickham and Wickham techniques to handle questions and objections worked well with the Board and I should use these more often in presentations and negotiations at work
  • Ensure that you pitch the concepts at the right level for your audience with the right level of detail

What Action Will I Take?

Presenting to a Board can be daunting, however if you prepare, practise and be prepared for questions/objections you can achieve your outcome of trying to convince the group that your recommendations are right for the business moving forward. This course has enabled me to learn a host of new skills and I believe that the Board presentation experience will assist me to present better to other Boards in the future as knowing your facts and being prepared are key when presenting to this audience.


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    • sammiecheston profile image

      sammiecheston 6 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      Great information as exemplified by the video “Selling across the Generations” is very informative with key focus on how to communicate to your target audience. The old phase “time is money”, has never been as important as it is currently. Therefore, the presentation of a consultancy as mentioned; consist of key points such as body language, rehearsing the presentation and so on. By and far, this is an excellent posting. Thank you, Michael Kromwyk.