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Preserving Our Middle Class

Updated on July 22, 2010

Wake Up

Okay, as I said I came here to write, hopefully to enlighten. Our economy is going downhill fast and no one seems to know how to stop the landslide.

Let's start with the basics. We live for the moment, I do it, you do it. We do not think of the consequences of a single act. What could sending an e-mail or paying a bill on line do to impact the economy? Oh nothing, not a thing. Connecting, and getting it there on time is so important.

Snail mail is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Now you do not need to go to an actual store to make a purchase, you can do it on-line! Then you don't have to go to the post office to mail it, you can just have it shipped directly.

Rude Awakening

Once the go to place to get a government job, the US Postal Service does not receive government funding. In 2009 they ended the year with over $3.8 billion in losses.

When it comes to the economy and jobs let us take a look at that figure one more time. It was close to four billion dollars in losses. No government funding. The post office has depended on us for their income, their wages.

The world wide web is a fascinating place where we can meet people we never would have met before. We can listen to music we do not have to pay for, watch movies while never leaving our homes, or paying the expensive ticket price, or buying that expensive popcorn.

We can read books that authors spent years writing, for pennies on the cover price.

Here we do not have to pay for a newspaper subscription, nor are we bothered with having to tip the paper boy when he comes to collect.

When our youth are selling magazine subscriptions to fund their schools, who by the way are not supported really at all by our government, all things considered. We do not have to buy that subscription and maybe the teachers don't get paid to teach phys ed in middle school any more because it is just not in the budget. So the teachers, who are underpaid, buy the equipment themselves. We can read the articles from our favorite magazines on line and save a tree.

And as long as we are here we can complain about our government, write each other inflammatory e-mails, and just assume we can get everybody good and riled with no solution in sight.

If you spend all that time and energy, couldn't you at least print it out, go down to the post office and mail it to your representative. Perhaps you could take up a petition.

You see, all the hate generated on the World Wide Web is never going to make a difference. The powers that be, duly elected will receive it as junk mail and conveniently delete it all.

It would be a bit difficult to delete a truckload of mail in Washington DC on the President's Desk.

In the meantime think of all the jobs you would save. The paper manufacturers, the ink companies, the Postal workers, the transportation industry that gets those bags to the airport. The people that have to sign for the mail, and sort the mail.

It would make the news and be front page, we would all buy a paper that day, I know I would.

I say again, it starts with you.

I Offer This in Evidence

While You're Writing that Letter

When you write be sure you are writing to the senators, congressmen and representatives from your district. Be sure to mention that manufacturing things for this country in other countries is a two fold problem, putting workers out of jobs here, while encouraging child and slave labor over there. Be sure to mention that when there is no middle class left there will be no tax payers because the wealthy have shelters and the poor get refunds.

Remember that when you have hit bottom there is only one way to go but up, and it is a struggle. The greatest power known to man was given to you, and no one can take it away. You my friend have the power to choose. Choose to write and let them know what is going on in this country that doesn't seem to make the 6:00 news.

For more on what really needs to be done in this vein please read this hub by my good friend Michael Willis about Healthcare reform.

Helping Mothers and Others

If you would like to earn tangible residual income each month within a year, please contact me. You will be making a commitment to help others.

If you need help with anything from coping to writing please feel free to contact me as well. I do not charge for my knowledge. Just tired of seeing everyone taking advantage of others. Contact me (Faybe Bay) via HubPages through the link at the above right.

Have a great Day, thanks for reading, and if you like my writing please help me by rating me up, and sharing my page by clicking below.


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    • Faybe Bay profile image

      Faye Constantino 7 years ago from Florida

      Sometimes it will give the city and state, Cleveland, Ohio. If I am not mistaken, it has to say if it is made in another country; I do not know if there is a requirement that the packaging says that it is made in the USA.

    • Rafini profile image

      Rafini 7 years ago from Somewhere I can't get away from

      Made in USA is so hard to find - I must be looking in the wrong places. I gave up, but thanks for giving me the nudge to search again. :)

    • Faybe Bay profile image

      Faye Constantino 7 years ago from Florida

      Yes it is true Rafini, but not something we cannot change. I am saying that if we spent half the time we spend worrying, in taking action, I believe things would change. Everyone is spending so much time looking for where to place the blame, I say, forget blame, take action. Every action we take will inspire more. If we write those letters, buy American made in USA only... Then there will be change.

    • Rafini profile image

      Rafini 7 years ago from Somewhere I can't get away from

      You have touched the truth. Why are so many jobs going oversees? So the bigwigs of the big businesses can have more money in their pockets!! Greed = Power. Unfortunate, but true. :(

    • Faybe Bay profile image

      Faye Constantino 7 years ago from Florida

      That's right! I prefer small business as they treat you like you are family. I hope people everywhere will start printing and mailing our articles to the government. It's pretty hard to delete hard copy.

    • Michael Willis profile image

      Michael Willis 7 years ago from Arkansas

      I enjoy going to the small business stores. The huge Chain-stores may have lower prices, but I like the comfortable setting and the service of a small business much better.

      Small businesses must survive for America to survive.

    • Faybe Bay profile image

      Faye Constantino 7 years ago from Florida

      Exactly! That's the spirit! I was planning on making this longer, but if each person reads and adds their own ideas... Or even writes a hub about their idea! It's all connected. Going to the store saves jobs. Supporting small business saves jobs! Some think big changes have to happen, I think small changes would have a huge impact. Thank you, Mod2vint!

    • mod2vint profile image

      mod2vint 7 years ago from Sunny Florida

      I agree, and also think we should support our small business owners, by shopping local. Think how much better we could all feel if we went out and shopped by touch, sight, smell, all that exercise we would get.