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Press Release for Yapsody

Updated on October 8, 2017

Yapsody Re-invents

Yapsody Reinvents Concert Tickets Validation Using Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensors

Ultrasonic fingerprints sensors eliminate the need of actually touching the sensor and can be conveniently placed on the back of a smartphone.

Los Angeles, Feb. 20, 2016 -- Yapsody Entertainment, the largest provider of end-to-end concert services to independent venues and promoters, today introduced its latest innovation, Sense ID ®. Sense ID, the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor technology, revolutionizes the time-consuming, mundane and boring yet unputdownable validation process of concert tickets, eliminating the need and use of special hardware to match the fingerprints. It also makes the validation process super fast, accurate and utterly convenient for the ticket purchasers and presenters.

“The Sense ID technology is a game changer in the concert ticket validation process,” said Steve Seiden, President of Yapsody Entertainment. “It solves the most boring process in fingerprint matching – to place the finger on a clean surface and on a specific position of a hardware – while making the process 100% accurate that is proven and tested, plus offering the convenience to validate the tickets on the go.”

Sense ID technology features a sensor that is placed behind the screen of a smartphone, but unlike general sensors, it does not need to place the finger on a specific sensor area. The finger can be placed over glass and the technology will detect the location of ridges. The sensor will also detect the sweat pores underneath the outer layer of fingers to make a 3D map of the finger. That data then can be matched to offer access to an event. It also does not need the surface of the sensor to be very clear or the finger to be very clean and free from any cuts or bruises. The fingerprints of ticket purchasers will be previously recorded during the time of purchase which can later be matched to offer access to concerts.

The introduction of Sense ID technology is an expansion of Yapsody’s latest initiative to make the events more accessible and convenient and will be applied at all of the locations Yapsody is present or where the concerts are held. The process does not have any negative effect on the users and can be a perfect companion for general audiences and presenters alike. The main idea is to be more effective and customer-friendly while using the most reliable method for day-to-day ticket validation process.

© 2017 Probir Banerjee


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